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Tww buddies starting today #2

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Blondie87 Mon 28-Mar-16 19:30:35

Hi ladies,
I have an 11 month DS and was planning on waiting until he was at least a year before TTC #2. However, DH and I went away for a mini break over the bank holiday and decided we'd just go for it.... Quite literally. It took 10 months to conceive first time round and I drove myself crazy each month symptom spotting. I swore I'd never get like that again but just can't help myself. I'm not entirely sure when I've ovulated exactly but I have had ewcm since Saturday and dtd Sunday so I think I'm on my fertile phase (CD17). Have irregular cycles ranging from 27-42 days so ovulate between CD 13-28!!! Anway, would love some company for the next two weeks to keep me from overthinking and to share the experience that is uniquely the tww.

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