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What's the likelihood, tmi.

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sugarplumfairy28 Sun 27-Mar-16 19:25:49

Hubby and I have been discussing about having baby number 3, and yes we would like to. However all of the children, all bar 2, in our family are either December or January babies, which makes it an incredibly expensive time of year, so we don't think now now is the right time. So we recently did the horizontal dance and used a condom, but after we had finished and when he went to take it off, we couldn't find it! Which admittedly was quite funny, both of us trying to find it. Well it turns out, it was in me, for maybe 10-15 minutes and was lets say fully loaded. On top of this I think I ovulated about 3 days later. I know it's too soon to check for sure, but has anyone ever had this happen and ended up with a surprise baby? Am I over thinking this?

sizethree Sun 27-Mar-16 20:15:12

Oh dear, you may get lynched on here for using the phrase 'horizontal dance' but other than that yes there's a possibility you could be pregnant as there could've been leakage from the condom rolling off.
You know this but the only definite answer will be if you do a test / if your period shows. Hoping you get the result you want.

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