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Shingles and TTC.. any advice from HCPs or mums to be

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Penguinpattering Sat 26-Mar-16 16:26:57


I was diagnosed a week ago with a mild case of shingles (three small patches on my chest) after a very stressful month following a miscarriage. It was the 1st day of my first cycle following the loss. I am just about to finish my antiviral meds called aciclovir and most of the rash is now scabbing so my ovulation day would be about a week post finishing the medication and rash clearing up. (Just scarring and red marks which apparently can last for a while).

The nurse was so lovely however in the upset of being diagnosed I didn't ask how long I need to wait before ttc again. Has anyone had any experience of shingles whilst ttc or early pregnancy. I just want to start ttc after my loss but would not want anything to harm a potential pregnancy.

Thank you.

MrsJoJo Sun 27-Mar-16 02:00:06

Fx for you. I had shingles at 38 weeks - doesn't appear to have harmed my strapping 8 year old who, incidentally has never had chickenpox! Best ask your GP though.

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