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Early symptoms - anyone have these and be pregnant?

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hanste123 Fri 25-Mar-16 22:04:01

I have been TTC for about a year and a half, and honestly think stress has been a major factor that has stopped us, but we had a mini break this month plus a few days off and we both feel so much more relaxed! Anyway, think I might be in the running this month but can only find conflicting info, and want to know if anyone who is pregnant had these symptoms as well?
Exactly a week after ovulation I suddenly felt very sick!!! I really thought I would be sick but wasn't, then had stomach cramps all through the night and more gently the next day and then it stopped (implantation? Or just over eating on Holliday?). Since then I have felt mild headaches and dizziness. On and off fullness of breasts and mild soreness in breasts which started off in my armpits, and odd feelings in my stomach- sometimes a shooting feeling and sometimes a kind of bubbling feeling. I wouldn't really call them cramps. Swollen nipples for one night. AF in due in 5 days (so long away!). Not sure if these are PMS symptoms as stress has scared away a lot of my PMS symptoms and I never really paid much attention to my body b4 TTC?

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