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TTC No. 1 after early MC and an Ectopic

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Wanderlust1 Fri 25-Mar-16 11:57:47

Hey girls,

Im looking for buddies..... After an early MC last Aug and an 8wk ectopic with 2 evil doses of methotrexate to remove before Christmas, we had given up and I went back on the pill and we said we would leave it a year as we were not sure it was what we wanted after all the pain.
But now all of a sudden I'm feeling those pangs again, that I'd really like a baby.
I'm past the 3 month wait and my periods have just returned to normal again (actually I think taking the pill and stopping it has really helped get my cycle back on track again).

I don't want to tell my husband I've stopped taking my pill this month, as if I did get pregnant he would be super happy and also TTC beforehand caused a lot of stress on our relationship and also stress for him in terms of 'performing' at the right time.

I had some leftover CB OPKS from the last time and tried them out this month and was relieved to find out that I am ovulating and may have cheekily enticed my husband to DTD on some of the 'peak' days. Ooops!!

Now I am finding myself counting down the days to my next period, which I kind of dont have an idea about, because I am trying not to record dates this time and be a bit more relaxed, I just know maybe it will be around the regular two weeks past PEAK fertility.

Cut a long story short, I was struggling to find a thread with girls that have had the same ectopic experience and are TTC again and would love to share what you are feeling at this time 3 months plus past the ectopic and your journey too.
I feel that the TTC boards arent for me this time.

Anyone out there to share some positivity with me?

Wanderlust1 Sat 26-Mar-16 20:02:09

anyone? sorry, but bumping this up

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