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How long of TTC second baby before seeing doctor?

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TTCadviseplease Tue 25-May-04 19:40:01

We have not used any contraception for almost a year. Properly started TTC around September and then from late November, we started doing all the 'right' things - temping, observing CM (hmmm), bd-ing at the right time, taling vitamins etc. Basically following all the advice!

It took us over 20 months to conceive our first. I think the time from ovulation until AF is a little on the short side - around 10 days sometimes slightly more, sometimes less, according to my charts.

So - how long would you leave it before seeing the doctor for advice?

bunny2 Tue 25-May-04 19:53:27

I dont know how old you are, we saw a doctor after ttc for a year and were referred straight away (the tactful gp did say she was refrring us immediately cos of my age ). If your luteal phase is short, then it will lead to problems conceiving but can be remedied easily with drugs/herbal stuff (angus castus I think). Anyeway, to answer your original question, I'd see a docotr now, if they think you should give it longer, they'll send you away for 6 months but you have nothing to lose by getting some medical advice now.

TTCadviseplease Tue 25-May-04 20:23:43

Thanks Bunny2 - that was my gut reaction too. I am 39 so not *too* old but keen to have a baby before DS is school age.

Thanks again for your advice - greatly appreciated!

TTCadviseplease Tue 25-May-04 20:24:02

I am not 39 - I am 30!

elliott Tue 25-May-04 20:42:21

I would go now too. Did you go for any investigations for your first? The standard guideline for referral for investigations is one year of ttc, 6 months if you are over 35 (that is if it is a first child, I guess for you it is clear that you can conceive so certain problems can be ruled out straight away) - but a good GP should take your concerns seriously and get some basics looked at.

popsycal Tue 25-May-04 20:43:37

oh i will come out and say it is me

popsycal Tue 25-May-04 20:44:09

Didnt go for any investigations as for a while we were consciously 'trying' - just waiting and seeing!

popsycal Tue 25-May-04 20:46:39

WEREN'T consciously trying even!!

didn't do the whole TTC bot properly!

twiglett Tue 25-May-04 21:41:47

message withdrawn

futurity Wed 26-May-04 08:05:34

You sound like me! Also 30..also TTC number 2 since last year and also with a short luteal phase. Off to have blood tests next week and then going to get referred. Doctor took me seriously even though not trying for a year as I went in with all the facts of my cycle and she agreed there was something not right. I had only been using OPK and CM observation so you should be even more equiped as you have got your temping as well.

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