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Pregnant on Implant?

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anonymousanon Wed 23-Mar-16 22:06:48

Hi, I'm new to this group.
I'm hoping there is no nasty comments or that no-one judges me as I'm not proud.
So January last year I found out I was 9 weeks pregnant, leading up to that I had very bad morning sickness but thought it was just a normal bug that goes around except it was 4 weeks it went on for so my mother took me to the doctors which is when I found out I was pregnant. I was 16 the next month. I was still in school. No my baby wasn't planned by either me or the dad, we were very careful but obviously not careful enough. My mother cut all contact, I was kept off school and bullied into an abortion by my mother, step-dad and grandfather. I was shut in my room with nothing until the day came in February where I had to part with my baby at 13 weeks. I was always scared of my mother from being young as well as my grandfather.
I am scarred for life and there will always be a hole in my heart.
I got the implant straight after as my mother TOLD them I HAD to get it, however I can't remember and didn't give them permission to do so at all.
I bled for 9 months straight till around October/November time and then stopped for a month and since then (4 months) I've been bleeding on and off, probably once a week and getting a full period every probably 2 weeks for 3/4 days, is this normal (sometimes heavy sometimes not)?
I've also been so run down, going to college, coming home and getting straight into bed as I have NO energy to do anything else at all. I've been being physically sick recently probably 5/6 times in the last week or so, nauseous. Migraines. Stressed. Depressed (diagnosed). And feeling very pregnant also, so many symptoms of being pregnant including hard stomach. Also feelings like kicking sensations.
I'm hoping you all can help me. I'm not looking for sympathy just a little bit of help from women to women.
I'm not proud of what happened and I know there will be some negative comments.
Thank you.

MummyBex1985 Wed 23-Mar-16 22:36:19

Hi there

The implant is generally very reliable so I highly doubt you're pregnant. You do get a lot of pregnancy type symptoms with it though. I didn't have a period for 12 months and only two or three for the remaining 24 months I had it!

Bleeding that much isn't normal though. I would go to your GP, take a PG test just in case and explain the irregular bleeding. They should be able to prescribe you the pill which you can take at the same time - three months will usually kick the implant back into touch and stop the bleeding!

MummyBex1985 Wed 23-Mar-16 22:37:20

You could also ask for some counselling so you can try and live with everything that's gone on in your life.

BoBo90 Wed 23-Mar-16 22:39:17

I don't have any experience with the implant so I can't tell you if your feelings are a normal side effect or not.

However, you have been through a terrible experience and at such a young age it must have been very hard for you.

Best thing to do is to go to the doctors and tell them all your symptoms. They can check if your pregnant and if your not they can investigate to find out what's going on. Also mention what a tough time your having with the implant and all the bleeding and they can talk through different contraception options with you to decide what's best 😊 You don't need to take your mum. You can go alone or if you have a close friend you can take for support that would be great!

Good luck sweetie and I hope you get it all sorted! Xxx

Abbbinob Thu 24-Mar-16 06:52:48

I have the implant, actually weirdly similar as I had a termination about a year ago and had the implant put in at the time. I've had crazy bleeding and pregnancy symptoms too I think it's quite normal with the implant

anonymousanon Sun 27-Mar-16 23:39:09

Hi mummybex.
Thank you for replying to my message. I am going to make an appointment at the doctors because I know it isn't normal to bleed like this, surely not anyway. I see my doctor, other doctors and a psychiatrist and also a bereavement counsellor, worst I've been in my life at my lowest but I hope I'm as strong as i think i am to get through it all.

anonymousanon Sun 27-Mar-16 23:45:49

Hi BoBo.

Yes, it was the worst and most hardest thing I've ever been through in my life.
I'm making a doctors appointment as soon as I have time to do so and will tell them everything and hopefully they can sort me out.

I know I don't have to take my mother I think I forgot to mention as soon as i could and built up the courage months later I told my oldest sister and grandma and i was removed from the house. I don't live with them any more and yes its very hard without my mam but what they did to me is unforgivable and even more so unforgettable. It has scarred me for life and ill never be able to forgive them for it. I also have a lot of trust issues now.

Thank you for your time and advice. Thank you very much xxxx

anonymousanon Sun 27-Mar-16 23:46:56

Hi Abbbinob.

Similar issues then. Yes it probably is just the implant.

a11235 Mon 28-Mar-16 05:57:09

Your symptoms sound like you could be very anaemic which would be highly likely considering your recent level of blood loss.

WickerHearts Mon 28-Mar-16 06:42:37

So sorry for what you've been through thanks
I had quite a bad time on the implant, similar to you, lots of irregular bleeding and always tired. Definitely speak to your GP xx

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