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Sperm Test Results

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springtime2016 Mon 21-Mar-16 16:14:04

Hey all,

Just got a paper copy of OH's results, he spoke to the GP last week who said all ok, but needed to retest as standard. But result have 2 issues from what I can see and googling. But be grateful to hear opinions here please.

The Concentration was 91.2 M/ml (which I think is v high?)

But the issues are Progressive 15% (should be over 31%) and T. Motility (Prog& NP) 22% (which should be over 38%)

I am not sure if these are low as the concentration is high does that matter? Or is it just hoped on a retest they'll be better. Kind of pissed the GP didn't explain to him on the phone the issues.

Thanks smile

m33r Tue 22-Mar-16 03:23:42

They test twice because the measures can vary so much. I know it's hard but I think maybe GP means no major issues and prob any lower numbers will balance out on second test x

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