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nervoussam Mon 21-Mar-16 11:37:55

Out of interest, those ladies who are ovulating, which cycle day do you generally ovulate on?

Trying to get an idea of the range. Just had my first ever month of ovulation after nearly 2 years since coming off BC!

TessWess Mon 21-Mar-16 11:42:00

Hi nervoussam,
I generally have a 27-28 day cycle, and will ovulate on CD13 or CD14. I started using a BBT chart to monitor my temps and opk tests to help me pinpoint my cycle, so I'd definitely recommend that if you are looking to find a pattern smile

JemimapuddleducK02 Mon 28-Mar-16 19:38:21


JemimapuddleducK02 Mon 28-Mar-16 19:38:56

I have a 24/25 day cycle smile

underrugsswept Mon 28-Mar-16 19:45:59

Mine was CD 18 or 19 this month (FF thinks CD19 but my positive OPK was on CD16). A 'usual' cycle is ovulation on CD17 (I think) and AF on CD 30/31. I do have the odd 26 or 35 dayer from time to time though.

m33r Mon 28-Mar-16 19:46:26

14-16 for me and I have a 28-31 cycle x

Clarkee21 Sun 03-Apr-16 11:21:28

I had my progesterone levels back at first it was 29 and now dropped to 19 what does this mean can any one help

LittleHeart2014 Sun 03-Apr-16 12:54:11

I ovulated on day 38. Very long cycle! No idea exactly how long these days as awaiting second period since giving birth. Or awaiting BFP. Whichever arrives first x

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