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Clearblue Fertility Monitor advice

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blankfornames Sun 20-Mar-16 07:24:37

Hi there,

I used the cbfm when I fell pregnant with my ds. This is my 4th cycle using it ttc this time too. Each time I've used it I've been high from cd11-13 and peaked on cd14 & 15. I've a 27 /28 day cycle. This month it asked my for sticks on cd6 (never has done this early before) and I was high from cd8 and still am high on cd12. That's 5 days.

I understand that it can give lots of high days when you first use it but to dramatically change when I've used it so much is very strange. Anyone any experience of this? Thanks ladies!

Penguinepenguins Sun 20-Mar-16 08:01:12


I've always been asked from CD6 so that doesn't unusual to me, but unusual it's only asked from CD8 before from you

First three months for me all I had was high, from CD6 and asked for 20 sticks - I'm also a 28 day cycle.

It's now come into its own and I used 10 sticks I think this month, and had low/high/peaks - Cd6 - low, Cd7-q11 - high Cd12/13 Peak then high then low.

I also am 80% sure that I have just received by BFP smile very very faint like so waiting until tomorrow to be 100% sure... Eekk stick with it, I'm glad I did! I was getting very annoyed with the constant highs

I will say though that the monitor has given me a false positive pregnacy test so I just don't trust it for that so use the pink line tests.m

I hope that helps xx

blankfornames Sun 20-Mar-16 09:46:17

Hi Penguins. Thank you for your reply. Hopefully i'll peak tomorrow!
Congratulations on your bfp! Great news! Did you do anything differently this month?!

Penguinepenguins Sun 20-Mar-16 10:00:01

Nothing done differently just know that I ovulated because of the peak smile think we missed it the other months but DTD like bunnies as with every other month smile

Fingers crossed for you, I was getting frustrated with the monitor but it's worked its magic that and DP super sperm apparently <face palm>

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