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stabbing pain in lower abdomen CD18

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RaisinGirls Thu 17-Mar-16 14:01:24

Could this be a sign of implantation or is it more likely that I've a short cycle this month?

Last month my cycle was about 23 days, and I think it's all a bit crazy since I miscarried in Jan.

Sorry, I know this is one of those annoying posts where nobody knows the answer but I'm lying in bed with sinusitis and my mind is going overboard

Penguinepenguins Thu 17-Mar-16 18:16:29

Bless your socks...

I'm CD19 and 8dpo

Have had the same thing yesterday and today more like a stitch that pokes me every once in a while.

Most common day for implantation is 9DPO but can happen from 6DPO - if that's any help? Do you know when you ovulated? I've been using the clearblue monitor and it's been brilliant at keeping me informed about ovulation.

I had a miscarriage in November and have been trying TTC since December (took ages for me to get a BFN after the miscarriage) so sorry that this has happened to you as it really is the most awful thing to go through xx

I stared a thread the other day and a few people are commenting on symptoms come and join us if you like xx

I too have awful cold like feeling, am peeing constantly now and exhausted... Slept 10 hours, and am already wanting to sleep... Not like me smile

Good luck I have FX for a BFP soon for you

Tinkalinka Thu 17-Mar-16 19:22:07

I had stabbing pains around 6 or 7 dpo when I conceived dc1. It's the only symptom I can actually remember and was on another forum where a few others experienced same and got their BFP with me. I had mc last month and no idea where in my cycle now.

RaisinGirls Fri 18-Mar-16 10:23:34

Thanks for replies. And sorry you have also had losses. It's heartbreaking.

Which thread did you start and I will pop in and say hi

Penguinepenguins Fri 18-Mar-16 11:10:46

It's gone very quiet sad unfortunately

I did look at the TTC/want a BFP for March thread but felt a bit scared as it was moving quite quick and they all seemed to know each other

Maybe we should go together lol

FourForYouGlenCoco Fri 18-Mar-16 11:16:22

I had this from a few DPO (maybe 3/4DPO) right through the first few weeks of pregnancy. It's how I knew I was upduffed. Felt like I was being poked with a knitting needle from the inside out.
My cycle was also weird while we were ttc - i had a mmc & ERPC in August, then an early MC/CP in October (had the knitting needle feeling before BFP then too), then conceived that cycle and am now 21 weeks.
Sorry for your loss, and good luck to you!

Penguinepenguins Fri 18-Mar-16 11:31:57

Being stabbed with a knitting needle is exactly how I feel today, could not describe it so thank you for that!!

I have pain on the same side in my lower back, it's the same side as my ovulation pain smile it's annoying but if it results in a BFP I would put up with 10 needles. Strange thing for me is that I have a similar but not so strong pain on the opposite side...

RaisinGirls Fri 18-Mar-16 15:16:11

Yes, those big threads can seem overwhelming at first. I think you just have to throw yourself in to them as everyone is pretty friendly and interested in symptom spotting comparisons.

Congrats on your pregnancy Four, gives us all hope that knitting needle pain means pregnancy!

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