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OPK test help!

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WhereIsMyCoffee Thu 17-Mar-16 08:14:54

Hi! Bought a bunch of cheap OPK tests off Amazon. Had a positive OPK on CD15 at 10am, and another positive later that evening. This morning on CD16 at 8am I had another positive! How will I now when I ovulate? Is it a certain number of hours before or after your first (or last) positive OPK? Did I ovulate today, or yesterday? Thanks!!

underrugsswept Thu 17-Mar-16 08:43:46

Fertility friend seems to count Ov as the day after your first positive OPK (I normally OPK but don't temp - trying both this month) but I believe it's between 12-36 hours in reality.

Sunnydays321 Thu 17-Mar-16 08:44:33

Hiya. My opks are usually positive for 2-4 days. The 1st and last day the test line is usually equal to the control line, and what I assume to be the peak days in the middle the test line is a lot darker than control line. Temping is the only way to know for sure when you ovulate. I usually (but not always) ovulate the day after my last positive. They say within 12-36 hours after peak. Good luck, safest thing just dtd lots... That way it won't matter too much which day you ovulate. X

Penguinepenguins Thu 17-Mar-16 08:54:15

I use a clearblue monitor and that measures peak/high/low - it was expensive but it's been good for me as takes out some guesswork.

So I'm always a peak for 2 days, then high which is the day I believe it happens for me as I feel it... then I go low.

So 12-36hrs for me after my first peak...

Just DTD lots smile I go nuts for it when ovulation poor DP ;) so I'm not sure why I do all this POAS as it's fairly obvious - lol

Good luck!!! I'm on 8DPO and am going insane with symptom spotting!

WhereIsMyCoffee Thu 17-Mar-16 09:07:11

Hahaha thanks guys! Oh god, the thought that ovulation might still be a couple of days away kills me, I'm getting too old for this much sex!gringringrin

Writerwannabe83 Thu 17-Mar-16 09:11:30

I had a strong positive two days in a row too and I felt a bit confused.

Me and DH had had sex 5 days before the first positive, three days before the first positive and then on the night of the first positive and got the BFP.

Good luck!!! flowers

Penguinepenguins Thu 17-Mar-16 15:27:52

Lol wheresthecoffee me and DP are 38, and DP and I were both shattered - was fun though ;) 8/9days in a row on more than one occasion on most days just in case... But sperm can live for five days so it's before that's the most important...

God I am such a private person in RL and here I am declaring me and partner are at it like rabbits!! <face palm>

Congratulations on your BFP writer!!!

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