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Did you get clomid prescribed on NHS if you already have a child?

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funnylittlekaty Wed 16-Mar-16 13:56:50

Hi all,
Hoping for some advice about secondary infertility and NHS options.
I have a ds, 5 next month, and came off the pill when he was 3. Have been TTC since then. Had a mmc this time last year but nothing since then. Went to GP last month and she referred me for day 3 and 21 tests. they showed progesterone was 25 on day 21, so she referred me to fertility clinic. She phoned today to say there'd been a mistake, she didn't realise I already had a child, and she therefore couldn't refer me to fertility, but would to a gynaecologist to have things looked at. Originally she had seemed pretty sure they would give me clomid to stimulate ovulation. So my questions are,
Were you prescribed clomid if you already have a baby?
How much is clomid if you go private?
Is there anything else NHS can do if one already has a child?
I'm gutted, tbh. Years of relentless shagging to finally find out that there IS a likely reason why no BFP, but then to be told that they can't help me fix the problem. Any positive stories or advice vv greatly appreciated xx

94katiemay Wed 16-Mar-16 20:12:23

You poor thing, all those promises just snatched away from you.
I can't help I'm afraid but I hope you get the answer you're looking for xx

funnylittlekaty Wed 16-Mar-16 20:18:07

Thank you. That's really kind. Fingers crossed eh. Think it may be time to accept it might not happen.

stealthbanana Wed 16-Mar-16 20:18:35

I don't know the answer to your nhs question but sure someone will

But in terms of cost - Clomid itself is extremely cheap even privately - sub £10 per cycle from memory. The cost is in the fact you need to have scans to check it is working, and then a blood test to confirm ovulation. You could probably still do it for £500 per cycle?? Depends where you are and your options.

Whatdoidohelp Wed 16-Mar-16 20:22:43

A clomid prescription is very cheap but you will need to get it from a private doctor and you will need monitoring ie bloods and scans. As other person said it will run about £500 a cycle.

You need to sit down with your dh and discuss how much time and money you want to put into this. I would begin with a consultation with a private consultant. Sort of a Gynae MOT. They will scan you to check for follicles and also the condition of our womb. You should also get a blood test to check AMH levels. This will all cost about 500 but is important. Clomid is no god if your egg reserves are very poor or there is a womb issue.

leccybill Wed 16-Mar-16 20:23:08

Sympathies to you, OP. I'm in same boat, one DD aged 6 and trying now for 4 years. I did get a referral to NHS fertility clinic, they did a dye through the tubes procedure (one is blocked :-( ) but couldn't do anything else for me.
Can't afford IVF as left my highly stressful job (teaching) to improve my mental and physical health to hopefully aid conception but nothing yet. It's shit, I'm sorry again.

funnylittlekaty Wed 16-Mar-16 21:06:22

Ha leccybill, would you believe I'm on a career break from teaching too?! Started my miscarriage in a leadership and management away day whilst discussing Ofsted, and realised I just couldn't do it anymore. Life easier now in every way except for finances. OH says we can talk about spending savings on going private, but it's a big step. I can't quite get over the fact that there is no help at all offered if you already have a child. Especially now that I know there is something amiss.

Threesquids Thu 17-Mar-16 12:48:04

No, my doctor was not able to get it for me, despite me having had proven fertility issues. My progesterone level was just 3, then 10.
However, I did get pregnant the next month naturally - don't give up hope x

JemimapuddleducK02 Sat 19-Mar-16 22:13:31

Hi. I was prescribed clomid 6 years ago now. I had a child previously who was 13 years old. They gave me a three month trial and I got it on the nhs. I think I paid £8.20 for my script at the hospital pharmacy. I didn't work so went back to clinic and they have me another 2 months worth, I didn't need it in the end, I fell pregnant naturally after two years trying. Hope this helps.

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