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Toenail Fungal Infection whilst ttc

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malinki Tue 25-May-04 11:29:15

Does anyone know of a cure for a toenail fungal infection, the problem is i'm ttc #2 and have an infection in my big toe, don't want to go see GP if I can help it, as I feel embarasseed, I've heard tea tree oil is good??

suedonim Tue 25-May-04 13:15:44

There's a paint that you can put on infected toes, Malinki, though you have to do it for months and months, until the old nail has grown out completely. I'm not sure if you can buy it or whether it's prescription only. Why not pop along to your local chemist and ask them for advice? They're well used to this sort of thing. Hth.

Tommy Tue 25-May-04 13:21:47

Tea tree oil is good - just put one drop (neat) on each affected nail every day and wait for it to grow out. Takes time but does work!
Don't be embarrassed about going to GP though - they are used to it. I had a sample taken of my toenail (yeuch!)but even though the GP gave something to put on it, the tea tree oil was better.
HTH - good luck!

malinki Tue 25-May-04 13:24:48


The tea tree oil, do you put it on the nail and dab some under it, if I can that is. For the time being I think that is the best solution, I have a boots chemist in my town, so I feel a little trip coming on. Is it safe to use whilst ttc though

Rapunzal Tue 25-May-04 13:45:21

Soak your foot in a bowl of water with saly thrown in - even my Gp said it was one of the best ways to help fight the infection.
good luck

aloha Tue 25-May-04 13:49:49

Why on earth do you feel embarrased - it's only your toe!! They spend their days looking up bums and fannies and into ears - a toe won't faze them If you don't want to bother your gp see a chiropodist (who will have seen some horrors, believe me) or ask a pharmacist. I don't see what trying for a baby has to do with it though.

aloha Tue 25-May-04 13:50:50

And Malinki, tea tree oil is perfectly safe is you are pregnant. Very little isn't, and you aren't even pg yet.

malinki Tue 25-May-04 14:03:29

Most remedies can't be taken if you are trying for a baby, especially the tablet forms, that is what I've been looking up on google search. So that is why I'm looking into asking you guys, if any of you have been in this position. I have to wait 2 weeks to see a gp, but thanks for your opinion anyway. I am going to give salted water and tea tree oil a go and if nothing starts happening or it gets worse then I will go and see my GP.

Tommy Tue 25-May-04 14:22:29

Just a drop on top of the nail - I could never get under my nail IYKWIM!

bunny2 Tue 25-May-04 19:56:30

malinki, I have this and cant use the tablets as I am pregnant (have tried the paint stuff for 2 years but it didnt work). I am sick of having a grotty toe especially in summer, I want to wear sandals but am ashamed of my toe. I am going to give tea tree a go. Also, Boots sell false nails for toes as well as for fingers so if you want pretty toes for a party, try them, they are good!

malinki Wed 26-May-04 09:46:33

Well I got by 100% tea tree oil last night and applied it all over my toenail. My DH just said what the hell is that smell, so I explained and showed him my toe and he just said urgh..
Never mind, if it does thr trick then I'm not bothered about the smell.

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