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TTC after miscarriage - lucky thread number 3

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Brenna24 Tue 15-Mar-16 18:34:14

Still hopeing for 3x3 BFPs for this month. Hopefully thread 3 will do that.

AmyB1986 Tue 15-Mar-16 18:38:29

Getting jiggy for the 3x3 wink

Loki17 Tue 15-Mar-16 19:37:04

Whats 3x3? jumping on board smile

Brenna24 Tue 15-Mar-16 20:09:24

*Hoping. Stupid fat fingers.

Somebody said it would be nice to get three BFPs this month. I said we should aim for three times three. grin

7 DPO here. Still coughing away and have a stinking headache this evening. I decided to be armchair productive to rest up a bit and have managed to change my name on DDog's insurance and the electricity and gas bills and signed up for a TEFL course I had bought a Groupon for. Plus I did some work for tomorrow, cropping and rotating images my boss wants to put into a report. I suppose I ought to go and do the dishes and tidy a bit too.

Oh. Last nights hilarity in our zoo. We tend to come in quite late from work/walking DDog etc. I therefor tend to have loads of food cooked in advance in the fridge. I had bought some sprouts reduced to 10p and decided to cook them with pancetta. So I stuck it on to cook and reheated some bean chilli for my dinner. I forgot about the sprouts and they were a tad cremated on the bottom (oops). Not too badly. But the house stank. DH came home from work when I was on the loo and shouted through the door "What is that SMEL?L" I shouted back "The sprouts I burned for your dinner!" His response "Oh, thank goodness I thought you were doing a poo" I don't know whether to be more worried that my cooking smells like shit or my shit smels like burned sprouts. grin Either way I don't think I come out of that one well. (DH went on to eat some of the srouts, so they can't have been that bad).

Loki17 Tue 15-Mar-16 20:36:24

Haha! That's so funny! I really hope that we all get our bfps this month. I dont think there is much chance though. Judging by my cervical mucous I am reasonably convinced I ovulated straight after my period. This means I missed ov as we didnt start dtd until cd 9. Im going to try and stay positive, dtd and not stress but it is so hard. I'm not holding out any hope at all though. I just cant wait to get this month over with so that I can start again with a fresh cycle next month. Hopefully, next AF will be totally normal and I can start dtd from CD 6 without any spotting at all.

redstrawberries101 Tue 15-Mar-16 20:56:40

Ahh I just created a new thread! I'll post a note on it to say head over here... I thought I scared you all away with my last post on the previous thread but then I realised it got full haha!

Loki17 Tue 15-Mar-16 21:43:51

Aw Cheeky I dont think it is possible for you to scare any one off. We are all here because we have been through our own personal hell and we all have the accompanying bag of crazy that comes with it. I don't keep my mc a secret and I actually prefer to talk about it but I have noticed that it makes other people uncomfortable. Just the other day someone asked me if we had thought about having any more children and I said, quite breezely, "Yes, we would love one, we have been trying but I had a miscarriage in January at 13 weeks." The other person began to apologise but I said that I was fine and actually felt better talking about it. Today, one of the lovely ladies I work with came in to tell me her dd is expecting. I think she was worried because of everything I have been through but I am just so thrilled for her. I don't feel envious at all of other pregnant women because no one deserves to go through this. I do feel sorry for myself at times though. I just wish I knew what was going on with my body.

HopefulKate1980 Tue 15-Mar-16 22:06:01

Hi ladies! Love the new name for this thread. God hope we get some lucky news for some, no ALL of us soon!!!

Brenna, your posts do posts do make me laugh!!

And picking up what you, Cheeky and others have spoken about, I just wanted to say how bloody amazing you all sound. Whether you feel comfortable talking about MC or prefer to keep it to yourself I think this whole experience takes such strength and just putting on a smile, day in day out, deserves an applause! We will all find a happy end to all this pain and confusion, I know it. I'm talking to myself as much as anyone. I find it very hard some days to put my game face on & be happy, especially when it seems babies are everywhere at the moment...

Anyway, I'm off to the hospital tomorrow morning to get my blood tests done to work out why I may have had these MCs. I am dreading it! During my last pg my veins totally disappeared and the nurses had to dig around for ages. It was agony!! Hope it will be easier tomorrow & we will have some answers soon.

Have lovely evenings all xx

AmyB1986 Tue 15-Mar-16 22:16:03

Laughing so hard at sprout/shit Brenna!!

Loki think I'm not going to ovulate at all angry if you ov'd on cd9 when would your af be due?

Kate hope your blood go well and they don't have to dig too much. I've got one vein in my arm that they can actually get into without it collapsing so I feel your pain!

I feel like absolute crap right now. Neck and head ache, what feels like sciatic pain in both of my bum cheeks/hips and soooo tired it's making me feel sick!
My brother is here at the min out staying his welcome but daren't kick him out as the last time I did that he started crying and shouting at me. I'm going to yawn loads to get rid of him.

AmyB1986 Tue 15-Mar-16 22:24:20

Cheeky just read your last post on the old thread. Glad you're ok now, I had to say goodbye to an old friend a couple of years ago who had cancer of the liver which spread to his pancreas. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you and then the mc too. Hope your MIL gets well too.

I've made a decision to stop with the opk's altogether this cycle. Seeing a negatives all the time is making me fed up and tired staring at faint lines, I do love POAS though confused

Brenna24 Tue 15-Mar-16 22:58:14

Oh Cheeky my lovely. You really have been through it. Your MIL is lucky to have you guys. It is really hard being a carer but I bet she appreciates it. I hope that you are soon moving forward with life again and looking forward to extending your family.

Best of luck with the vampires Kate.

Giving up the OPKs for a while sounds like a good plan Amy.

I am making a pom pom.

AmyB1986 Tue 15-Mar-16 23:11:16

I love making Pom poms! I crochet little hats and scarfs my my DD's and their friends, they love them!

FlourishingMrs Tue 15-Mar-16 23:29:10

Yes ladies, lovely to find you again on this thread. I don't know if you remember me but I had my MC in December.

Faint positive on first response today 9 DPO.

I have not been temping this time just using internet cheapies wondfo ovulation tests and confirming with CB digital. I don't ovulate until day 20 so CB could get expensive.

Loki don't worry I had more clear And strechy cm 2 days after AF and nothing during fertile week. Just a bit watery. I used The app Glow and Ovia but Glow seems more accurate. Best wishes ladies.thinking of you

JoMalones Tue 15-Mar-16 23:30:51

Evening! Still lurking, 8dpo, no tracking this month but did cave with an ic earlier.

Massive congratulations flourishing!

FlourishingMrs Tue 15-Mar-16 23:45:58

Thank you Jo, I must also it took 8 months to conceive Mc baby and only two cycles this time, perhaps it's true fertility is better post mC

Loki17 Wed 16-Mar-16 06:01:47

Congratulations flourishing! DH and I have barely managed to dtd this cycle because we gave argued for the last two days. apparently, he wanted to ttc two years ago so is finding the fact that is taking so long upsetting. how we would have managed to move house and gave on mat leave I don't know. He forgets that though. I have no idea when my period will arrive. I feel so out of sorts with my body. Everything is different since the mc.

Pacothepidgeon Wed 16-Mar-16 06:24:36

Congrats flourishing! smile

I'm due af on Friday and feeling a bit pre-menstrual now. Not really tried this month as still awaiting first af after mc. I'm a bit scared as expecting it to be worse than usual plus not had af since November.

Next month we are starting again and going to give the smep plan our best shot! Still have nerves about getting pregnant again really stupid worries like how I'm going to be scared to go to the loo, which is just daft!

redstrawberries101 Wed 16-Mar-16 07:56:04

Thank you so much ladies you are all such wonderful people smile

Can't wait for AF to finish and hopefully get on the TTC wagon again. I feel quite hyper at the mo though, like super stressed and I know the body won't conceive like that. I'm going to a health assessment this morning through work and this evening after work I've booked myself in for a massage. Just going to take it easy. Going to start beginners shred because I feel all wobbly and for the first time yesterday I noticed some fat on my back?? I was always a small size 8 (8.5 stone) until my op in 2011 and after that, with all the medication I ballooned and my weight went up to 10 stone. I've lost all the puffiness/swollen look now but I'm still 9.5 stone and I don't feel very attractive being all wobbly. Even if I manage to tone up I'll be pleased. It might give me something to focus on until I get my BFP.

AmyB1986 Wed 16-Mar-16 08:36:13

Congratulations flourishing!

Hope everyone is ok this morning.

Dtd last night. Took ages for DH to get in the mood, he had stomach ache before hand and fell asleep and was snoring in my ear and kept me awake until 1 after the deed.

Temp has risen by .5 higher than yesterday but still not higher than my highest temp, still waiting for ov. Not taking any opk's today well that's my goal anyway!

Brenna24 Wed 16-Mar-16 08:51:55

Congratulations Flourishing. That is one times three now.

I hope you and DH patch it up soon Loki.

AmyB1986 Wed 16-Mar-16 09:23:57

I've been doing a bit of research on the clear blue products, mainly the fertility monitor and the dual hormone opk.
Clear blue are absolute shits for marking up the price on their products! You don't actually need the reader to determine your results.

The test sticks have two lines on right. One line is for lh and the other is for estrodiol.
The line for the estrodiol is always dark until it surges which makes the line get lighter and the other line is lh which gets darker as it surges. They coincide with each other. The lighter the estrodiol line is the darker the lh line will be. Estrodiol is what triggers the lh to surge.
So in short if you're unsure if you're going to get a surge with a cheap opk, go and buy the fertility monitor sticks to check for the estrodiol increase! Over a few days you'll be able to compare the estrodiol line yourself with out the reader telling you if you're peak or not! Will save ££££.
I'm trusting the clear blue as my positive now but I don't think it was a clear sustained surge, maybe just a tester surge.

redstrawberries101 Wed 16-Mar-16 09:29:27

Congrats flourishing! Sorry I missed your post. It gives hope doesn't it!

AmyB1986 Wed 16-Mar-16 10:27:36

Ok ladies I'm ovulating! I can feel it! Pains are like af is going to arrive again and checked my cervix, high soft and wide open! Caved and did an opk. It's dark now but not as dark as the control line still but it's definitely on its way! Expect to be in full surge by this afternoon.
Enclosed a pic for your viewing pleasure I love looking at POAS! Much darker than yesterday grin feeling happy now and will expect af cd33-34

redstrawberries101 Wed 16-Mar-16 10:54:28

That's great news Amy! Can you explain to me how to check the cervix and what it should be like at each stage?

AmyB1986 Wed 16-Mar-16 11:22:38

Cheeky the position varies a lot during my cycle. I wash my hands, squat down and using two fingers feel around my cervix. Usually after af or just before my cervix is hard, low and firmly shut or a tiny bit open. When I'm fertile it's so high I can barely reach it, soft like my lips and more open than normal. Also when you take your fingers out you'll have fresh cm there to check the consistency.
What causes the cervix to go and high and soft is the surge in estrogen before ovulation. It basically opens up to let sperm pass in more easily. I check once a day around the same time.
It's a bit weird at first but once you know what your body does during your cycle it's easy to say what's going on down there.
Also in pregnancy it stays soft and high but closed, should be more cm there too as your estrogen stays high.

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