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early symptoms and tww

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AnxiousBetty Mon 14-Mar-16 21:03:45

Hi all. Ive been having a lot or worried lately about whether I'm pregnant or not. I have been symptom spotting to the extreme and looking at all my dates and double checking and triple checking. I could be anywhere between 7dpo and 11dpo but I think more likely 10/11. Ive been having symptoms like back ache and leg cramps, bloating and on and off cramping. Thirst and peeing a lot. Headaches over the past few days. I took a test this morning at 10/11 dpo with fmu on an asda own test but a BFN! I'm all over the place with emotions as I really want and have convinced myself that I am pg but still have massive doubt that af will show up when it's due in 2-3 days. I did have a little white cm but it turned to ewcm and now I'm almost dry with very little cm over today and yesterday. I just don't know what to do with myself in this TWW! Anyone had similar and got their bfp a few days later!?

Apple111 Tue 15-Mar-16 06:19:22

Hi hon, I'm about 9dpo I have been feeling very similar for few days. I have cramps and pulling feelings in stomach very uncomfortable. Def off some foods and feeling sickly. My last bfp was 10 dpo, that was with cb digi but the ther poas tests I did were bfn for few days after still !
I'm going to test on Thursday but going to def use a cb digital again,it's ready waiting lol.. It's so hard not to test but I'm trying to wait as long as poss. I ovulated 4 days early this month !! I monitored with opk and bbt.
Fx u get ur bfp soon hon. It might be too early x

Apple smile

AnxiousBetty Tue 15-Mar-16 17:28:54

I hope you get your bfp Apple! I'm trying not to get my hopes up although today for 5 minutes I got severe low back pain and thought I was gonna throw up and my belly feels a bit weird. I'm still so so thirsty and have peed so much but i don't know if that's in my head because I've read that that can be a symptom. Af is due today and nothing yet so fingers crossed. X

Apple111 Tue 15-Mar-16 17:50:25

Hi hon, hopefully they are all good signs for you . It's so frustrating isn't it this silly waiting game lol.. I'm so tempted to test but going to hold out to Thursday hope af doesn't show for u fingers crossed xx
I've been ok most of the day then around 2 pm started feeling rough again, I'm now trying to make tea and can't look at it confused.. Definitely not Into the smells lol.. We will c , There are loads of people off work I'll so I'm not holding my breath, I'll keep an eye on here and up date on thurs day night x ive only just joined mumsnet. I normally use baby and bump but haven't found it as good this time round, smile

AnxiousBetty Tue 15-Mar-16 18:29:04

Holding out some hope for us both! I hated the smell of some foods today and felt quite nauseous but that subsided quite quickly within like 10-15 minutes and haven't really felt bad since, actually quite the opposite! Xx

I've only just joined mumsnet too but I love it so far! It's great just to be able to talk to people in the same situation! Especially in the tww! Good luck and keep updating grin xx

Blondie0912 Wed 16-Mar-16 08:58:41

Hey girls- can I join? I'm in same position- just over half-way through the TWW, AF is due on Sunday. So far no major symptoms although have definitely had some weird cramping randomly across the last week- who knows! I've been trying to ignore everything and just get on as normal... It's hard though!
I'm not gonna test until Monday if AF doesn't show- I'm definitely hoping it doesn't!!!!!!

Hope you both get your BFPs soon!!!!!!! grin

AnxiousBetty Wed 16-Mar-16 09:17:31

Course you can blonde!
Well I've had some promising symptoms over the past week but today I feel like Af is coming which means she would be a day late.. Just trying to stay positive although it's hard as I got a bfn this morning xx

Apple111 Wed 16-Mar-16 10:30:44

Hi girls just a quick post as in work lol but not started yet..Fx af stays away!! for us all x and if it doesn't we will pick our selves up and be on it again next month smile I'm a nurse and ive got the maternity clinic on in next room this morning .. Really helpful haha x

AnxiousBetty Wed 16-Mar-16 15:33:45

Hiya Apple!
While although I thought af really was going to start today... She hasn't showed up yet! I was even prepared and brought lady supplies to work with me! But nothing! I really hope she's staying away!
I am glad I'm not you, just seeing women with their cutie babies makes me sad I haven't got mine yet! shockxx

Apple111 Fri 18-Mar-16 18:38:41

Hi girls I did a test this am and got BFN confused..I'm not sure how many dpo I am now, I know I'm not out of the race as originally thought af due on 24th but thought id ovulated early, def got smiley faces early. I've read that loads of ladies get bfn when Testing early then bfp nearer towards af due day. I don't know if af is 20th or 24th now ! ? Bloody annoying.. I must admit I thought there might be a chance I feel so rubbish , sickly , stomach cramps !! Dizzy, trouble going to loo tmi lol .. All exactly how I was with my last bfp.. Time will tell. I think I'm about 10dpo now.. Just annoying I got my bfp last time at this stage ..

Sorry about the rant haha hope u are all ok xx

Blondie0912 Sat 19-Mar-16 18:37:46

Hey Apple! Same here- I think AF is due tomorrow but I did a test yesterday and got a big fat BFN. Don't really have any symptoms that AF is coming but I suppose she must be!!!!!! Fingers crossed we both just tested too early... I'm going to wait until Monday now to test again... If AF hasn't come by then that is!!!!!

Apple111 Sat 19-Mar-16 21:12:55

Hi blondie, u never know, I kind of got it in my head today that af was in way with how I felt and ive been much less stressed today as not really worrying about it. I've been really proactive and blitz my house and been shopping and got loads of healthy food so I can get straight back into it next cycle if needed..don't know where the energy has come from lol.. I've been really tired all week ... I also got ..choc fudge cake and big tub of ice cream lol .. I thought sod it ha.. Fx we tested early but bring on the ice cream if I end up fed up if af shows haha x

Apple111 Tue 22-Mar-16 19:43:22

Hi ladies, witch got me today !! And don't I know it confusedHorrible thing sad gonna try and chill now, we go away at the weekend so hopefully some sun might help and make this next cycle our lucky one .. I'm def hoping not to be as stressed his time round .. Fx for BFPs soon for all x
Apple ️xx

Apple111 Sun 10-Apr-16 17:57:30

Hi ladies, I was just wondering how u were getting onsmile im around 9dpo this cycle. Tww doing my head in again haha x
Apple x

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