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Thin womb lining - how to thicken?

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CoffeeCait Mon 14-Mar-16 13:54:03

Been trying to conceive dc2 for 20 months and during this time had an early MC (November 2014) and an MMC (September 2015). By January this year I got fed up and went to see my GP. She was great and referred me for lots of tests including an ultrasound which I had this morning.

The sonographer said that the ovaries looked good but my womb lining is on the thin side. I did have an inkling this might be the case as my periods are far lighter now than 4 years ago when we conceived dc1.

Has anyone had experience of this? I'll be calling the doctor again for her input and I've also googled for info but wanted to hear of some real life experiences?

Bellini239 Mon 14-Mar-16 19:42:58

Hey coffeecait, I believe that you would need to get a prescription for cyclogest pessaries... These are progesterone hormone pessaries, the hormone which thickens the uterine wall x

MegGriffin1 Mon 14-Mar-16 21:53:01

I think I've got this issue post pill. My last period was really light. A few weeks before I was getting odd shooting stabbing pains to womb that took my breath away at times. They were Defo not ovulation pains. I think something was trying to implant but my lining was too thin. I'm considering accupuncture as this is meant to aid thickening up of lining. I'm also due some blood work and a scan. Hope you're ok

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