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Anyone used DHEA for natural conception?

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islandgirl99 Mon 14-Mar-16 13:20:42

Hi all,

I'm 38 and been trying to TTC #1 since Jan 2015. Got pregnant last July but sadly had mc at 6w2d.

Both me and DH have tested as normal in the initial hormone/blood/semen tests so we've been referred to the fertility clinic, just waiting to hear when our appt is.

I'm really conscious that our chances are going down as each month goes past so am trying to do all I can to increase our chances.

I've read about DHEA and how several women who have used for a short time ahead of an IVF cycle have become pregnant naturally before their IVF, but does anyone have any experience of using it just to boost your chances of natural conception?

Any thoughts, advice or experiences would be much appreciated!

Mothpop Thu 24-Mar-16 22:50:41

Hi, I hope this helps...
We were blessed with DD1 through IVF - I had/have pretty low ovarian reserve (I had one egg harvested which made one embryo and this miraculously made a successful pregnancy and beautiful DD1).
When DH & I wanted another DC I made an appt at the IVF clinic but I also contacted the consultant who had helped up previously as I wanted to know whether there was anything I could do to aid natural conception e.g. DHEA. He wrote: 'good evidence on improved outcomes of IVF cycles with low reserve (75 mg/day to start 6 weeks before IVF stimulation) but I am not aware of any report on its use in natural conception'. I tried it anyway as I figured there was nothing to lose ... AND I was pregnant within about 6 weeks of starting to take it!!! I can only think that this pregnancy was possible because of the DHEA - my only spontaneous pregnancy in 6 years of trying.
I did experience a few mild side effects, the most memorable being that I did shed some hair (from my head?!).
I doubt that DHEA is appropriate for all circumstances so I would be reluctant to try this without medical imput.

Rememberallball Fri 25-Mar-16 19:22:56

Sorry to butt in on this thread.

Mothpop, could you tell me where you got your DHEA from; about how much it cost; how much you took and when you started taking it.

I am 44; low AMH results; told probable low ovarian reserve and egg quality due to my age. Told by consultant that my only likely chance of pregnancy is donor egg IVF which we don't qualify for on NHS due to my age and don't have a hope of affording privately!!

Thanks in advance xx

islandgirl99 Mon 28-Mar-16 13:11:59

Hi mothpop

Thanks for the info and your story, really glad you got such a happy ending! smile

We're off for our appt at the fertility clinic tomorrow so will find out more then and ask for some guidance on DHEA if they think it's needed/appropriate. This is our first appt so I don't even know what my AMH level is yet, I expect they'll do that test tomorrow though so just trying to prepare myself with a back-up plan in case it's not so good news.

Mothpop Thu 31-Mar-16 21:56:04

Rememberallball - I'll PM you

Rememberallball Tue 12-Apr-16 06:14:51

Thought I'd update. DH and I discussed things and I'm starting on DHEA as soon as it arrives (ordered from Biovea yesterday) and going back on vitamin D3 as my levels are low. Already on 5mg folic acid daily due to my RA so that's covered. Back onto the pregnacare vitamins too. Giving things a couple more months of trying naturally then heading down the route of investigating donor egg IVF (got a ball park quote of £5250) and saving like mad to fund it!!

islandgirl99 Wed 13-Apr-16 18:13:29

rememberallball - thanks for the update, I really appreciate hearing other people's stories.

We had our first appointment at the fertility clinic but they didn't even test my AMH level and won't even put us on the waiting list for IVF till Dec, and then there would be a further 12 month wait to get to the front of the list :-( we have a follow up appointment in August just to check in with them again.

So we're going to keep trying naturally for now, and I'm going to get my AMH level tested privately as soon as poss. If it turns out to be low, I'll start on the DHEA. Either way, at least I'll have a bit more info before I go back to the clinic in August.

Good luck rememberall, i'll keep my fingers crossed that DHEA does the trick for you, then you can spend all your savings on baby stuff! (and maybe a holiday to recover from all this TTC stress) smile

CandyCrush77 Wed 13-Apr-16 18:39:48

Hi all. Very interested in this thread. What is DHEA? Also, what criteria did the NHS use when referring you for fertility treatment? DH and I have been TTC for 5 months, I'm 39 (40 in 4 months) and he's 46 and, like you, feel that time is running out. He saw his GP who referred him for semen analysis and I am seeing mine tomorrow. DH told his GP we had been TTC for over a year which is maybe why is was referred. I would prefer not to tell a fib and go private. Good luck islandgirl, hang in there. 38 is not that old, still lots of time.

Rememberallball Wed 13-Apr-16 18:44:22

Hi Islandgirl,

Have a word at your GP surgery as they may do the AMH levels for you. My surgery would have done the blood test for me but would have charged £40 as its not on their free list (a bit like travel vaccinations) so advised me to have the test done at the hospital as they wouldn't charge me. I'm thinking of asking my GP to do a repeat test for me after I try the DHEA etc for a couple of months!!

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