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Does it matter what time of day you do day 21 progesterone test?

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Figroller Mon 14-Mar-16 06:46:29

Just that really. Supposed to do it today but pathology department doesn't open until after I am due at work. Can I take the test this afternoon or is it supposed to be taken early morning?

BorisIsBack Mon 14-Mar-16 06:56:42

I think any time of day is fine. Good luck smile

Figroller Mon 14-Mar-16 07:29:57

Thanks Boris smile

drinkyourmilk Mon 14-Mar-16 07:33:56

I did mine in the morning, as it fitted in with work and was also doing a fasting test. So long as it's still day 21 then I can't imagine it matters! Good luck.

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