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Second chemical in a row 39years old

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NorthLady10 Mon 14-Mar-16 06:17:52


I got pregnant in Dec 2015 and had a chemical a week or so later . I got another bpf last week and it's happening again, this pregnancy is going the same way. Clearly I can get pregnant and I already have a 17month old. I'm going to make an appointment at the doctors today. When I saw the doctor in Jan he said see how I get on and if nothing happened over the next few months, I was to come back and he can do some blood tests. Anyone had a similar experience and went on to have a positive outcome?

10storeylovesong Mon 14-Mar-16 08:00:27

Following with interest. After two years of infertility, I had two consecutive chemicals in Jan and Feb. I'm still bleeding from the Feb loss, and have been given medication for abnormal uterine bleeding. I have an apt with my fertility specialist on Wednesday but no idea how that might go now.

NorthLady10 Fri 18-Mar-16 07:11:34

How did you get on 10storylovesong? My HCG was very low and I started bleeding on Tuesday anyway. The doctor said not much he can do as it's such a delicate stage early on. He thinks I've just been unlucky. Im to leave it one cycle and try again. If I have a 3rd he will refer me. If I can pregnant he will send me for an early scan for reassurance.

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