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Feeling confused and fed up 😕 any advice welcome

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dizzyboo83 Sun 13-Mar-16 11:38:00

Hi everyone, I am new on here and am really looking for some advice/support. Me and hubby have been having regular sex with no contraception for 2 years. Last year I was poorly with my mental health which put things on hold for a bit. However I had 2 blood tests for ovulation and both came back that I had not ovulated. I used home ovulation tests and they always show I am ovulating so we try especially round that time. My cycle is 26-38 days so makes it harder to predict anything. Anyone experienced similar? Thankyou in advance ☺

BoBo90 Sun 13-Mar-16 15:50:51

Hi, home ovulation test show you are havig an lh surge but that doesn't mean you ovulate I'm afraid. Might be worth going back to the dr to work out what you can do to start ovulating properly smile good luck wiyh it all and I hope you work out what's going on soon xxx

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