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this is why you should wait to test!

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powertotheparslaii Thu 10-Mar-16 23:07:18

Of course I've never take my own advice, but I wanted to share these pictures to hopefully stop anyone becoming too disheartened when they test early (and to hopefully help them avoid testing too early)

These were all taken with super-drug pink dye tests.

I have also included an inverted image in case anyone does invert to show what they looked like when I tweaked them.

As you can see, my line was barely noticeable before my period was due and very faint on the day of my missed period. It only really darkened a few days after I missed my period.

So for the love of God... put. The. Pissy. Sticks. DOWN gringrin

Good luck everyone- I hope this provides some reassurance to anyone who is asking google about very faint positives/ testing early and for reassurance from their test

TweedAddict Thu 10-Mar-16 23:14:29

Oh god you have got me hoping now, tested today- shamelessly 3 days early! I thought I saw a very very thin line, but dismissed it as an error on the stick as it definitely wasn't pink. I'm just using the bog standard asda £1 ones as cycle isn't 100% spot on so don't feel bad doing a test every now and then.

powertotheparslaii Thu 10-Mar-16 23:19:11


I'm actually two days early in the top pic and one day early in the second pic

Even more reason to wait wink

Honestly, please try to hold out. I was more in limbo with the top two tests than if I hadn't have tested at all. It was a waste of time and quite stressful!

Try to give it an extra 48 hours past your latest expected due date to test grin

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