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BFN With All the Syptoms

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thewocketinyourpocket Thu 10-Mar-16 17:31:28

During the past two weeks, I've been having crazy symptoms that felt just like my first pregnancy. I am not TTC, so it caught me off guard, but I was really hoping to be pregnant. AF just showed up a few minutes ago, but as I've found that most folks who post on various online forums won't follow up. So, even though I've got a BFN with AF, I figured I'd post my symptoms for others who may be in the same boat.

CD 8, 9, 10 - BD'd
CD 12 - Suspected Ovulation (early) complete with ovulation cramps (I'm not charting, but only get cramps on the day of ovulation, so this MAY have been ovulation). I counted this day as Ovulation Day for my cycle
CD 13, 14, 15 - mild cramping, CM creamy like lotion
CD 16 - Suspected Ovulation 2, PINK on toilet paper, one wipe's worth. This is the day I SHOULD have ovulated on my 28 day cycle. I've never ever had this before, but read online that the blood I experienced could have been ovulation bleeding, NOT implantation bleeding. CM creamy like lotion, cramping.
CD 17 - Creamy cm and cramping continues
CD 18 - Creamy cm, noticeably sore nipples, insatiably hungry, moody
CD 19 - Dry cm, nausea throughout the day, sensitive mood, cm wet by night
CD 20 - CM half wet half lotion-like. Sore nipples, very hungry
CD 21 - CM sticky. CP very low and hard. Bloated and super gassy. By evening, cm soft and cm stretchy
CD 22 - 10 dpo - BFN - CP low hard and closed tight. Bloated, gassy, hungry, moody
CD 23 - 11 dop - BFN - Lymph nodes very swollen, feels like a cold coming on, mild cramps, sore nipples, lotion like cm
CD 24 - 12 dpo - BFN - still cramping, cervix low and hard again, lymph nodes still swollen, gassy and moody, hungry, sore nipples
CD 25 - 13 DPO - BFN - cervix softer but high, cm more stretchy, feeling sexual, full on cold
CD 26 - 14 DPO - BFN - high fever, cervix high and soft and closed, cm lotion-like, gassy, hungry, nipples not very sore, cramping more intense
CD 27 - 15 DPO (right now, 1:20am) - BFN -low grade fever, cervix still high but (obviously) open as AF just got here

So, that's it for me. I'll admit I'm pretty sad, I was certain I was pregnant, but I wasn't TTC so I can't be too disappointed. Some key things: I had cramping every day since ovulation (this never happens for me in a regular cycle). Also because I previously technically "gave birth" (the pregnancy failed, fetus was extracted at 4.5 months) my cervical opening is a slit rather than a hole, meaning I can usually fit a finger tip inside at all points in my cycle. My cervix was still closed on CD 26 even though my AF just came a few hours after last checking. Hope this helps anyone who may be in a similar situation. Baby dust to all!

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