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thick stretchy discharge 4 days before expected period

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DannielleVictoria Thu 10-Mar-16 17:16:48

My partner and I had frequent unprotected sex during my ovulation time, 3 days after ovulation I started having cramping and slight constipation since then I have been experiencing, dizziness, sickness (no vomit) my breasts have become more tender than usual, I feel really bloated. Also I've noticed I've been having much more discharge (really thick, very stretchy) Even though I haven't missed my period yet I couldn't resist taking a pregnancy test this morning and the result was negative... Has anyone else had the same or similar symptoms and later got a positive?

Badleg Thu 10-Mar-16 17:54:49

I am experiencing something very similar right now. Although my period is late. I have tested once showing negative I think I am going to wait till weekend and test again. I am really confused and slightly hopeful as ttc for around 5 years and about to embark on my first IVF cycle which is self funded and huge amount of money

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