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Agnus Castus and late AF

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Wideawakeitsmorning Thu 10-Mar-16 14:25:03


Long time lurker, first time

Planning on TTC #1 in April/May. Came off pill (micogrynon 30) in December to allow a few months for cycle to get back to normal.
Till we TTC, we're using condoms.

Month 1, cycle was 31 days and month 2 and 3 were 28 days each, which I was thrilled about! Alas I am now on month 4 and CD31 with no AF...

Can't imagine that I am PG (have done a test and BFN, plus we didn't even DTD around any of my fertile days this month) but am a bit worried about where AF is. Have had symptoms I usually get in the run up to AF (feeling irritable, sore breasts, headaches) but no AF...

I did start taking Agnus Castus when I came off the pill (400mg capsule per day, so a relatively low dose compared to what some people take) as I read this helped regulate cycles coming off the pill and have been taking since then. However, I am now worried that taking AC might have messed things up (and am - perhaps irrationally - worrying that this could all mean we won't be able to start TTC when we want to) and has given me a too long cycle? It did say on the packaging that AC doesn't usually have an effect until a few months in, which is why I am worried.

Any ideas/ similar experiences? X

broodypsycho Thu 10-Mar-16 18:55:42

You've just came off the pill so your body would be all over anyway. Me personally i would have left it a month so my cycle to get back to normal before taking any agnus cactus. Agnus is meant to shorten long cycles and make short cycles longer however I've heard if u already have regular cycles Agnus can mess it up

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