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Am I pregnant

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lovatic081729 Wed 09-Mar-16 14:08:38

I'm sorry if I have posted on the wrong part but I'm. Just looking for a second opinion. I don't know if I'm dreaming that a see a faint line my period was due today and I'm normally like clockwork.

Thanks for ready xx

Mummy2squish Wed 09-Mar-16 14:13:23

I can definitely see a second line x

Laurabeth94 Wed 09-Mar-16 14:17:14

I can definitely see a second line, congratulations! smile

OhShutUpThomas Wed 09-Mar-16 14:19:14

Line there - you're pregnant.


Flossiesmummy Wed 09-Mar-16 14:20:30

Yep, pregnant! Congrats thanks

Flossiesmummy Wed 09-Mar-16 14:21:30

Love that your naked leg and pyjama bottoms are visible in the background too! gringrin

lovatic081729 Wed 09-Mar-16 14:28:15

I'm absolutely terrified because this happened to me last year 3 days after getting a 2nd faint line I started bleeding and ended up having a miscarriage. I can't get to the docs till next week anyway just long this is my rainbow baby...thanks everyone for reading and replying means a lot xx

Leeann76 Fri 11-Mar-16 09:02:07

Hi can any body see a second line ? Period due in 9 days tho but feeling awful .

LittleLionMansMummy Fri 11-Mar-16 09:19:56

If you're not due for 9 days Leeann it's way too early to be testing as implantation won't have even happened. I can't see a line, sorry, but wouldn't expect to. Check again much closer to your period. Fx for you.

Leeann76 Fri 11-Mar-16 09:59:15

My periods are for 3dats and every 21 days ?

EllieJayJay Fri 11-Mar-16 11:58:31

Agree with lions, way way to early to test lesann. If your cycle is 21 days you may be ovulating and that's why you feel rubbish.

But Lov!! I see a second line too, I hope it is for you - makes me smile so much to see happy news xx I'm on day 2 of my TWW after a miscarriage in November and I'm going nuts already - ordered more sticks to pee on in anticipation smile

Have everything crossed for you! Hope
It's a sticky one xx so happy for you xx

Leeann76 Fri 11-Mar-16 12:48:32

Thankyou so much ellie-jay , now somebody else has seen it i feel as tho im not going crazy , will test again and let you know, all the best for futre and so sorry for your lose i also gave birth at 21 weeks last year 😪 Sad sad times xx

EllieJayJay Fri 11-Mar-16 13:23:54

I get awful ovulation pain, horrendous! Get a day of fluttering followed by agonising feel like someone has thumped me in the stomach for two days - accompanied with sore boobs, dry nipples (sorry if TMI) nausea and a horrible giddy feeling - have many times in the past mistaken it for pregnancy! And then started peeing on sticks at every possible chance!

I had been on the pill for years and didn't even know this could happen!

So your not going crazy (maybe a bit... Hormones get the better of me at times and send me nuts!)

I am so sorry to hear about your loss, I've had achemical miscarriages and then my baby last year, quite simply the most awful thing I've ever (and still now) had to deal with, to try and prevent my reckless peeing on sticks the following websites have helped xx

EllieJayJay Fri 11-Mar-16 13:25:28

And this one

Take care of yourself X and I hope it does turn around really soon for you xx

Leeann76 Fri 11-Mar-16 17:32:32

Many thanks , also fir your self my lovely xx

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