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Ttc baby no. 1, any East Londoners want to join me on this journey??

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Bellini239 Tue 08-Mar-16 08:25:27

Hello all! I am 32 years old and am trying to conceive baby no 1 for 7 months now. I was curious if there are any others trying to conceive baby no 1 in east London and are looking for a friend to share the journey? I feel because babies are so on my mind right now, that I end up talking to my friends about it often which they find comical and even intriguing hearing about my cervical mucus checks lol, but it would be lovely to meet some other girls in the same boat as me trying themselves ... Feel free to message and I look forward to hearing about your journey so far smile

Mooseville Tue 08-Mar-16 20:10:20

Hi Bellini. I'm not too far from you on the train out of Liv St into Herts!
I'm TTC 1 and on cycle 2 after coming off the pill in Feb. I'm all up for swapping mucus stories!! Ha ha

Bellini239 Wed 09-Mar-16 09:37:02

Hi mooseville, how are you? I would love to share stories haha! How have you been finding the whole experience? I'm 32 and we've been ttc for 7 months.... I was hoping it wouldn't take me this long, but it took about a year for most of my friends. We got married last year, so we just naturally felt this was a good time to start trying. There are so many theories of when to have sex etc sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming! Whereabouts in Herts do you live? It's funny because we have been considering moving to Herts... London is great but not sure it's the right place for a family... Xx

Mooseville Wed 09-Mar-16 20:08:14

Hi Bellini! I'm not too bad thanks, battling with a sore throat and cough but a packet of malteasers is easing the pain!
We live Waltham Abbey and it's ok, I'd prefer to be Hertford/Ware, one day when we've saved enough. Much prettier towns and seem more suited to a family!
I got a bit stressed last month about doing it at the right time so trying to just chill out this month and just see what happens! Easy to say now at the beginning of the cycle! Ha ha
I think anything up to a year is normal - I've had friends who took years and IVF and others that it happened straight away. All down to luck!
Whereabouts in East London are you?

Bellini239 Wed 09-Mar-16 22:25:38

Hi Mooseville! Lol, oh gosh I know exactly how you feel! I found the first few cycles in particular it took me some time to get my head around all the ovulation kits and the LH surge malarky.... There are just so many theories out there... Do it every day of the fertile window, or don't do it too much in case you hamper the swimmers.... So I try to incorporate a mix of all theories hoping that a combo of them will work eventually! Lol. Do you use ovulation kits? We live on the central line near to Woodford... Have you heard of it? Tbh I haven't been living in this part of east London for too long, we got married last year and moved from Stoke newington in east London to here.... My husband is from this area so we moved out to buy a bigger apartment.... I do miss Stoke newington a lot though, all the cafes and the cool vintage shops but I'm lucky that a lot of my friends live near me in walthamstow, Leyton, Shoreditch etc.... I've never been to Waltham abbey, did you grow up in that area? So omg I started having fertility acupuncture in east London, I go every Saturday... Apparently it helps but it really knocks you out for the rest of the day, kinda dazed!! X

SuchaJem Wed 09-Mar-16 22:33:19

Hello north Londoner here smile
I'm 32, married one year and ttc for the first time.

I know Stokey quite well Bellini, can see why you found it hard to leave. But it's so unaffordable.

I've got friends in Leytonstone and Walthamstow too - seem like lovely places to live and you can actually get on the housing ladder. Which feels like the impossible dream in London...

We're on cycle 3 now, I'm enjoying trying and very excited about getting a bfp at some point. It feels like an exciting time in life to be trying.

Bellini239 Sat 12-Mar-16 19:57:31

Hi Suchagem, nice to meet you! Sorry for the late reply, my internet has been a bit dysfunctional the past few days! Yeah, totally agree, it's so hard to leave Stokey! Gosh, I really miss it everyday, but still spend quite a lot of time with friends who still live there. London is crazy for buying a place isn't it? There's is never a perfect area because there's always some sort of trade off: too expensive, a tiny pokey flat, miles away from the station, bad local schools..... And the list goes on! Where in north London do you live? Really happy to hear you're enjoying ttc... I go in waves myself, this is my 8th cycle of ttc and sometimes I get upset that it hasn't happened yet for us and I'm soooooo broody it's cray, gushing all the time at tots!! Apparently it's completely normal for it to take a year though. I actually had fertility acupuncture today, really helps you to relax and reenergise so fingers crossed I get a bfp soon! Are you using ovulation kits? Xx

Mooseville: how are you? 😄

Mooseville Tue 15-Mar-16 14:58:45

Hiya, sorry for the late response! Been full of cold and feeling very sorry for myself for the last few days - looks like I'm getting over the worst though and I'm feeling sociable again!!!
I away from being relaxed about the whole thing to being completely crazy and irrational! Other than my age (36 nearly 37) there's no huge rush to conceive quickly, Infact it taking a bit of time will be more beneficial financially as we plan to move at the end of the year, but it's mad how your hormones just take over and how stressful it is!! We are just not DTD enough during the fertile period, I just don't think DP gets the importance of the fertile week and just thinks it happens whenever, even though I've tried to explain! Aargh men!!!!
I've never been to Stokey, although I used to live round Caledonian Rd and Finsbury Park before moving further out this way. I miss all the nice pubs/delis - our area is lacking in decent places to go really. When we move we're hoping to move either to Hertford or Tring - but house prices might stop us there too!

Bellini239 Wed 16-Mar-16 15:36:39

Hi Mooseville! So sorry to hear that you've been ill recently, poor you! There is a lot of stuff going around at the moment and everyone at work has been off with colds etc too!

Yeah, it's totally stressful ttc! 2 weeks ago I was ovulating and the Dh comes home one night and he's like oh what, so we need to dtd again? Im soooo tired!.... I was like whaaaaaaaaat??????!!!!! Lol! But yeah it's so stressful and Im always second guessing when to get down to business! But I was watching this thing on YouTube and basically it said to maximise your chance of falling pregnant you need to get busy: the day before ovulation, the morning of ovulation, the night of ovulation and the morning after ovulation.... I'm gonna try this next month, but thought I'd pass on in case you wanted to try! Also, my gynaecologist prescribed me some cyclogest to take in the luteal phase of my cycle because it helps your uterus wall stay thick and also recommended ributissin which helps make your cervical mucus less acidic ... I bought it from Amazon!

Can you maybe book a holiday and go away with your Dh around ovulation time? I think with working and London life when we all get home were all sooo exhausted that sometimes it really is hard to dtd in the right frame of mind.

You know, that's so funny you want to move to Tring, my family live really nearby in Chesham... It's like a 15 min drive. What makes you want to move out there? Would you commute to London from there for work? I alway thought when I was older and the Dh and I had kids later in our lives we'd move to Chesham so it's a coincidence you're thinking of moving there too! They're very family areas with lots of greenery and very nice local people.

If you ever need a moan about ttc, feel free to whinge to me! smile speak soon X

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