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Symptom spotting.

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Chatterbox88 Mon 07-Mar-16 23:07:30

So I'm hoping to know what's everybodys symptoms after ovulation... I'm constantly watching mine like a hawk and can confess I'm a POAS ADDICT!! Hoping this month is my month

1-4 dpo cramping
5dpo nausea.. Still cramping / tugging feeling
6dpo SUPER HUNGRY, dizzy, nausea, bloated,gassy, tired

7dpo breakouts, gassy, hungry and tired still.. Ended up falling asleep at work , woke up from sleep with a pain in my breast and a bad case of dry mouth.. I've never been soo thirsty

8dpo.. Slight cramping again.. Felt like af was on her way... Headaches.. Hungry, sore breaks still and once again been awake 3 hours and found myself yawning away just needing my bed

9dpo hungry and tired

Would like to keep everyone update on this post as I never see a search with a bf or answers / follow ups

Whats everyone else's symptoms xx

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