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Sammi008 Sun 06-Mar-16 18:25:21

Anyone experienced this?

I'm 26 from England, I have a son already he's going to be 6 this year so my memory from when I was before pregnant isn't the best, but I remember coming off of my AF on the Monday and conceiving my son on the Friday as I knew when I had sex that month as myself and his father weren't getting on at that time l. Ive also suffered a miscarriage in June 2012, so makes me scared falling pregnant and going through that again but it doesn't but of off though

I'm not trying to conceive but myself and now my ex partner (ended two days ago) anyways we have been using the pull out method, now I know that method isn't 100% safe.

So anyways I last had AF 11th February for 5 days I'm normally really regular come on every fourth week after. Well when it's gotten to mid cycle 13-15days afterAF I had sharp pains in my lower stomach my partner at the time was saying its wind (I don't pass it around him) but it wasn't that type of pain it was quite sore tried peeing the release the pain but this lasted 1-2days, also since then my boobs have been sore and aching constantly so like two weeks but like the area behind the nipple and to the sides but today they seem to be calmed now have slight cramping which could be AF due in 6 days.

Anyways embarrassing as this is I was laid on my sofa feeling sorry for myself heartbroken when I suddenly passed wind. I then thought ohhh God I've followed through went straight to the toilet I hadnt but a clear liquid was still dripping from me??? Basically was like I wet myself a little never done that before. Anyone experienced this? Also when I'm wiping today the colour seems different on the toilet tissue (pinky orange but VERY pale) but I don't know if that's urine or??? So confused atm. Don't get me wrong I would love another Child but me and my ex are over because he doesn't have the time for me that I want in his busy schedule so ended it for my benefit, I know he would be supporting I'm just scared now, he's been telling me oh it's just your period due but he's been saying that since my boobs started hurting mid cycle and he's adamant that I can't be pregnant from precum now I've showed him screen captures of studys he sends ones back stating there is low chances to fall. Says I probs cheated or lied about when I was last on, but the is not the case The only time he has cum inside me was the day before my last period. I done a poundshop test on Thursday just gone 3Rd March negative result please can anyone help me xx AF DUE 12th March x

Sammi008 Sun 06-Mar-16 18:28:44

February.. 9th 10th we had sex Period was the 11th-15th then sex again 16th 20th 22nd 23rd and 25th so now 10 days since any intercourse xx

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