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Natural BFP after 2 years anyone?

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TeaOnEverest Sun 06-Mar-16 18:00:35

This month marks 2 years of TTC with AF due any minute. Did a test, BFN. Had a chemical very early in trying. Nothing since. Nothing wrong with either of us, young and healthy, though I might have endo. I have older DC though. DH sperm is fine.

I would love to hear some stories of natural bfps after a few years of trying. It's depressing to think that something like 98% of couples who started trying when we did have their babies by now. IVF isn't an option right now, so we are stuck in limbo for about another year

Chookford Sun 06-Mar-16 18:07:21

tea took us 27 months to fall pregnant with our 2nd dc after a mmc... Was depressing and stressful but the month I fell we went away for our anniversary and I wasn't thinking about it at all! 9weeks later I found out and our beautiful baby girl is now 9months old. Don't loose hope, I know how depressing it can be.. But it does Happen, will keep everything crossed that you have some good news soon flowers

delilabell Sun 06-Mar-16 18:10:27

I'm do sorry Tea, I remember the feeling of those negative tests well.
I know you said ivf isn't an option at the moment but are you seeing a consultant?
We started trying for a baby 6 years ago. After a year we had all the investigations done. Dh was fine I had unexplained infertility. I lost 5 stone, tried agnus casts, was given three rounds of clomid but nothing worked.
So we said enough (didn't want to do ivf as my mental health was suffering ) had 6 months off and started the adoption process. Our little boy has been home for two years now.....and 31 weeks ago I became pregnant! No fertility treatment, very little sex (!) All completey natural.
So their is a chance. But I'm not going to say relax and it will happen, go on holiday etc. Just that I'm really sorry and I hope things go well for you x x x

TeaOnEverest Sun 06-Mar-16 18:30:01

Thank you. Wow, delila, that is an amazing story, I bet stunned was an understatement!

I'm currently on a waiting list for gynae investigations and will be referred for treatment from there I believe. However the waiting list is long, it will be next Christmas before I get seen just for an initial consultation. I have dreadful periods, but am ovulating fine. GP says she can do no more for us except suggest we go private. That isn't an option.

We are eligible for one cycle of either ICSI or IVF via our local trust. That will be our only chance and it's going to be well over a year before we even get on the list. So we are in limbo

fruityb Sun 06-Mar-16 18:39:56

Came off the pill in October 2013 and got my BFP just before Christmas. I'm 16 weeks pregnant now. I don't know if we have underlying issues as we never went further but we were considering stopping trying due to getting married next year. I think maybe I relaxed or resigned myself to thinking it might never happen. But it did and I'm so excited as each day passes and as my tummy gets bigger.

I know the tears every month when AF turned up right on the button. My cycles were 26 days without fail! I got obsessed with OPK and temping but once I stopped it happened. I know it's hard to say that and how do you conciously decide to stop without thinking that if you do then it'll happen now! But we got there.

So a success story here. I just take each day as it comes but since having my scan and reaching this point I feel much more relaxed.

delilabell Mon 07-Mar-16 11:35:08

We're slowly getting used to everything now but it has been a massive shock!
Have you looked at

LittleLionMansMummy Mon 07-Mar-16 11:59:42

Yes. I have pcos, we tried for 2 years before eventually falling naturally. Ds is now 5! You can definitely get wound up by the stats op. What natural methods/ remedies have you tried. I lost loads of weight which must have helped, but I'm sure taking agnus castus was the thing that finally made a difference.

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