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Clear Blue Advanced Digital Test. Two Peak Smiley faces!?!

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MrsSmart83 Sun 06-Mar-16 08:09:46

Right. I started testing in day 7 as per the pack. Two days after my period. I have 27/28 day cycles.

Came back flash smiley them the day after peak. Fabulous. DTD then hubby went away.

Until....I started testing again haha I know I should have stopped after seeing peak but I thought it was too early?! So tested again day 14 (where I think I should actual ovulate) and low and behold a flashy smiley that then became a solid peak the next day.

Called clear blue and they say it's my second lh surge?! hmm

Anyway. Question is anyone else had this? Two peak ovulation a in one month?
Was the first one wrong?
Any advise appreciated. Thanks flowers

BoBo90 Sun 06-Mar-16 09:43:20

I only use ic cheapness but my first cycle post pill I had a lh surge and thought I ovulated only to have another surge 2 weeks later. I only tested because I had some ovary pain!
It is possible to have a positive but not release an egg so have another surge a bit later on 😊

AskPrayHope Sun 06-Mar-16 10:32:52

Hi!! Yes I had this last cycle!

On CD 11 & 12 I had my 2 day peak smiley. However, on CD 12 I had an appointment to have an ultrasound on my uterus & ovaries - & my dominant follicle on the right still had my egg firmly attached! hmm suspicious.

So I tested CD 13 - LOW

Tested CD 14 & 15 - PEAK again hmmconfused

Tested CD 16 & 17 - LOW
I then tested CD 18, 19, 20, 22 & 23 & they were all HIGH.
The days in between & up to the last day of my cycle I used ICs & they were negative.

Needless to say I did not get pregnant last month but I was left very confused.

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