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clearblue fertility monitor- help!

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gingerruthie Sat 05-Mar-16 09:51:49

Hi, I was hoping for some help from any of you lovely ladies.
I've been trying to conceive by just waiting and seeing what happens since around May last year when I had my mirena cool removed. Cycles were a tad irregular to begin with and have now settled down ( I thought) so I started using a clearblue fertility monitor (old style) last month. So I did everything I was meant to do, from day 6 to day 24 I POAS and got a 'Peak', then one 'low', and that was my first experience of CBFM. We BD'd every other day during the peaks just to be sure. I know that you sometimes don't get a 'high' the first month of using it so that hasn't concerned me. What I'm concerned about is that I'm on CD 38! I'm usually a 27-29 day cycle. All BFN's so far. So basically what I'm wondering is, if it's not a positive, and AF rears her ugly head, will it screw up the cbfm as this is a very abnormal cycle for me? Should I reset and start over or just go with it?
Sorry for the long story, hopefully someone's got some advice for me. Xx

Ebony12 Tue 03-May-16 20:59:58

Hi all, just after some advice. I had a miscarriage last May and started trying again using the fertility sticks with no luck then moved onto the Cbfm and on day 6 of high when the sticks usually told me 4 days high and 2 peak days - my cycle is around 27 days so this morning as I got that high again I thought I would compare this with the standard fertility sticks and it read to my surprise with that blank circle (meaning nothing not even the flashing smiley face) So I have followed the instructions to the letter setting up the Cbfm and making sure it's the first urine of the day though someone said its better to use a container and test that way rather than on your urine stream which I was doing. Through all the
Is recent research I will now check the sticks themselves so I do feel more informed plus it's the first month of using the monitor so I'm hoping that by next month it will be up and running with my data :-) however has anyone tested the monitor against the sticks and got two very different readings? I'm holding in there that this monitor is better than the sticks as I haven't had much success with them to date and I'm 37 so time is creeping on now also. Any advice greatly recieved X

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