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7dpo and worried!!

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Hopefulbabydust Fri 04-Mar-16 21:15:18

Hi guys I'm very new here so you might have to bare with me lol, I'm currently 7dpo and having snot like cm with a slight yellow twinge too it so sorry if tmi and been having constant niggles right above my bikini line & im constantly bloated, I'm really hopefully this is baby no 2 as oh has already said he doesn't want any more babies so this is my only hope really, I know I'm already extremely lucky as I already have my lo but have been craving another since I gave birth! I've already got some internet cheapies but really don't want to see a bfn so trying to stop myself from testing, I never get any pains until af is here and I've only ever had that sort of cm when I was pregnant before so am really hopeful, anyone else had any similar symptoms? I'm a terrible symptom spotter so i hope it's not a mind over matter thing, thanks again ladies!!

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