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Implantation symptoms? 5do??Help!!

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Chatterbox88 Thu 03-Mar-16 02:38:13

Hello ladies... Quick topic that has got me really I am 5dpo... And I feel like a utter loon for even thinking I could be having implantation symptoms but I thought I'd share my story and hopefully some of you will have some good replys.

So in theory my ovulation date was 5 days ago and yes I did the deed .. And here are the symptoms I've been having since... Btw incase I forgot I'm 5dpo!

1dpo - feeling sick-bad break out of acne (which has never occurred before) pinching pains in right side

2dpo - Bad nausea.. To the point I couldent have my morning cuppa tea.. Lasted all day!
More acne.... Gas...tiredness...pinching feeling again

3dpo- nausea -breakout-tiredness -insomnia- gas- heavy uterus -dizzy spells

4dpo- nausea-dizzyness -hungry-pinching pains still going strong but now also feels like a pulling pain

5dpo-Bad Nausea-dizzyspells -hungry -bubbly feeling in uterus -pinching pains -toothache

So regarding on what I have read these things shouldent be happening till atleast 7dpo + but then I have read on other forums that frequently this can occur as soon as conception and some of our bodys are just that little bit extra sensitive... I have atleast another week and a half till af due... But any advice would be greatful right now or what some of you might even be experiencing to put my mind at rest... Am I looking to much into this?

Loki17 Thu 03-Mar-16 06:17:27

After ovulation you get a surge of progesterone. This is designed to maintain a pregnancy if a fertilised egg embeds itself into your womb. Progesterone causes the symptoms you are experiencing. At this point, it doesn't mean anything: you are picking up on the symptoms because you want to be pregnant. Hopefully you will be in the next few days. In the meantime, try not to obsess over symptoms. It can send you mad! Good luck.

thewocketinyourpocket Thu 03-Mar-16 14:49:32

I'm right along there with ya... a few different symptoms (nausea, gas, cramping, moodiness), but I've been going bonkers since ovulation day, and especially since 3dpo when I noticed pink when I wiped. confused I'm8dpo right now.

Our minds are really good at tricking our bodies, though. To ease the obsession, I went out and bought a week's worth of pregnancy tests and plan to test every morning until either AF comes or I get a BFP.

Ritual now is: Test in the morning. Check the status of my CM. Keep extra busy at work and try to hide my farts. Get home and check CM again. 1 hour of TV shows after dinner. Then browse the AIBU and conception forums. Repeat the TV and forums until bedtime (I can't focus enough to read my books now...) Wake up and repeat. Giving into the mania just a bit helps ease the obsession.

Chatterbox88 Thu 03-Mar-16 15:12:55

Soo today I'm feeling OKi.. Nausea and thats it.. Twinges have gone.. A Lil dizziness and thats it.. This is sooo odd

KitKat1985 Thu 03-Mar-16 16:58:34

Just wanted to send some good vibes and say that when I was pregnant with DD1 the nausea and exhaustion started the day after conception (I thought at the time I had a bug, as I didn't know you could get symptoms so early) so very early symptoms are possible. smile

Chatterbox88 Fri 04-Mar-16 11:09:30

Oo thats great news, hopefully this is a very sticky bean getting snug... Dizziness has gone today.. Just nausea and painful boobs today which I don't usually get till af... Will keep everybody updated x

Osirus Sat 05-Mar-16 00:32:11

Early pregnancy symptoms are identical to those caused by progesterone post-ovulation. I had loads of "symptoms" when I was TTC because I was looking out for them. I was so convinced some months due to "unusual" symptoms that I probably got every month without realising. Some months I didn't have sore breasts until a few days before AF, some months it was four days post ovulation.

When I did fall pregnant I was still having premenstrual cramps as normal and my breasts were only mildly tender, on and off. You need to relax a bit and stop symptom watching. It will drive you insane.

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