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Bleeding mid-cycle

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Cacktie Wed 02-Mar-16 10:50:37

I've been TTC since November last year. I'm 39 and for all of my life my periods have been extremely regular - every month, 30 day cycle, 3-4 days in length. I went for fertility testing, due to my age, at the end of last year and everything was absolutely normal: AMH of about 27, 21 follicles, LH and FSH both 5, oestradiol 177pg/ml. I started taking Pregnacare conception when we started TTC.

For the last two cycles I have had spotting mid-cycle. Is this a side effect of the Pregnacare or is my fertility declining i.e. not ovulating? I have put on weight in the past few months and my boobs can be a little painful at times. I did a pregnancy test a few weeks ago and it was a BFN and have since had AF. What is going on with me?!?

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