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Can I show you my ovia chart?

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Cosmomouse Mon 29-Feb-16 09:25:04

Hi guys,

I am just after some opinions and advice as I have started using Ovia this month. I hope I won't get flamed for asking silly questions!

I have been using Ovia for a little but have only been temping for 2 weeks as that is when my bbt thermometer arrived.

I really struggle with my cycles as I have polycystic ovaries (not been told I have PCOS) but I'm sure it's not unlikely! I generally only have 2-3 cycles per year.

I can't use OPKs as they are positive 80% of the time!

According to Ovia and going by cm, it looks like I might have ovulated this time. However, I'm not sure that the temps suggest this as they are completely all over the place. Also, I would be 15dpo today and getting bfn on internet cheapies, yesterday I had a tiny faint line on a superdrug but it might have been an evap as I can't tell really whether it has colour, although I think it has.

I had three days of light spotting a week ago.

My main question is, I want to start taking Agnus Castus to help with my cycles but I am nervous to as my temps seem reasonably high on some days (same time each day, done vaginally).

I am just frustrated as I had spotting a week ago and surely I should have a bfp by now if I was pregnant?

What do you think? Write these few weeks off and accept that I might just have high pre ovulation temperatures? Is that possible?

Cosmomouse Mon 29-Feb-16 18:06:13

I now have light pink spotting... Totally confused!

AmyB1986 Wed 02-Mar-16 17:43:53

Hi I'm also temping. I've been using ovia but find it confusing so switched to fertility friend.

If I were you I'd download fertility friend, input you data into that. It gives you a line were it thinks you ovulated based on your signs. I did that and it indicated ovulation and it was right. My af started 16dpo which was an accurate 15day lp. I don't have pcos but have weird fluctuating temperatures.

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