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Well that's weird....

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GinIsIn Sun 28-Feb-16 17:16:12

Hi, we are only in first month of TTC, am about 6 or 7 dpo, and for past few days have been had back and breast pain, and wanting to eat anything in sight. I never get any symptoms with AF, so it can't be that, but it's too early to test as not due on for 4 more days. Surely within a week is too early to get pg symptoms and I must just be a bit run-down?! Don't want to be jumping the gun at all, just bemused because my boobs are bloody sore!!

underrugsswept Sun 28-Feb-16 19:08:56

A fertilised egg doesn't start implanting until day 6+ so it's quite unlikely that these are pg symptoms just yet. I had sore boobs when I conceived but also sore boobs when I haven't ( in fact, they're sore right now!). The only way to know is to wait it out I'm afraid.

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