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Unsure: is it happening?

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Emmymaybe Fri 26-Feb-16 15:34:02

This is the first time my partner and I have tried properly for a baby. We 'did it' three times on day 10 of my cycle, twice on day 15 and once on days 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17 and 18 so I'm reasonably sure we would have hit my most fertile time at some point! Since then I would say I have swollen boobs (easily one cup size up), constant back ache (for a week straight now), getting so hungry I feel sick in the morning (we have been laughing about my massive appetite in the past ten days!) and over the last couple of days, lots of very thick, white clumpy discharge (he describes this as being like pieces of wet soap and said it is odourless). I also had a huge amount of bloating a few days after what would have been conception date to the point where I actually looked a few months pregnant, but this has gone down now. I've also found myself urinating very regularly. However, I did a pregnancy test yesterday (one which can predict up to four days in advance when the period is meant to start) which came back negative - this was on day 23 of my cycle and the last three months I have had a 25 day cycle. I am also wary that all of these symptoms could have been caused by the fact I had a kidney infection three weeks ago (at the start of my cycle) and things like travelling (we went on holiday together to do this so we were moving around a lot, both in trains and walking). Does anyone have any thoughts on what could be happening? Thank you!

Stephywidd Fri 26-Feb-16 18:08:18

I'm having very similar symptoms to you I'm due on tomorrow and still getting negative pregnancy test! Hopefully you are just testing to early x

Emmymaybe Fri 26-Feb-16 18:20:53

I hope its just early because its making us believe its less likely... You will have to let me know what the outcome is tomorrow, good luck! x

Wardrobespierre Fri 26-Feb-16 18:25:23

I got about a third of the way through your post before alarm bells rang. I'd get checked over for a new infection or the other one not clearing. That much sex and a recent infection coupled with those symptoms needs checking out I'm afraid.

Emmymaybe Fri 26-Feb-16 18:44:42

I did think that but I've not had the same symptoms as I did when the infection happened. I also haven't had any itchiness (only on my breasts which I forgot to add) soreness or inflammation but I appreciate your point and will keep it in mind

Vixxfacee Fri 26-Feb-16 18:45:39

You're partner told you that you had clumpy discharge like soap. Sounds like an infection.

Stephywidd Fri 26-Feb-16 19:37:45

I have a feeling your fine I'm sure I have discharge like that around ovulation , and thank you I will let you know 😁 I feel really grumpy tonight like I'm going to come on it's so disappointing ha x

Emmymaybe Fri 26-Feb-16 19:56:46

I have been feeling horrible and felt really emotional last night as well... the hopeful part of me is saying it's a sign but it's probably just because I feel like it's not going to happen this time but we will see x

Stephywidd Fri 26-Feb-16 20:01:49

I'm wondering if I'm starting to make these symptoms up in my head ha, the hopeful part of me thinks I may not come on tomoz even tho iv took about 20 test and all negative 🙈 X hate waiting tho ha x

Emmymaybe Fri 26-Feb-16 20:14:15

Yeah I'm very impatient and been doing tests like everyday... I thought I made them up in my head too because having looked them up so much even the really odd ones but even my partner has noticed them too so that's brang my hopes up... it's a lot more different than what I experience every month so this is why I feel this is different x

Stephywidd Fri 26-Feb-16 20:21:59

Fingers crossed for you they say it's not over till period comes so hope for us both x

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