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Lurker here - thought id share some bfp symptoms with you all

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tacobean Fri 26-Feb-16 09:10:15

Hello! I'm much more of a lurker on here than anything but reading posts and having things to obsess over is what kept me going and I thought I'd share my (fingers crossed) good news to hopefully help all of you or another fellow lurker.

I've been trying for what seems like an eternity but is in fact around the 3 year mark. I've had an unsuccessful pregnancy in that time, around 2 years ago. So this is a very cautious happy announcement of a super faint bfp on a superdrug test. So extremely early days! I'll be testing again Monday to confirm but as faint as it is I can definitely see it. I have pcos, with cycles that can be anywhere from 35 to 80 days so its been a very stressful ride but I feel positive.

My main symptoms this month were really the absence of symptoms I guess. I took it to mean I hadn't ovulated when I thought (14th) because I normally get a lot of sore nipple action around 3/4 days later but got nothing. I felt totally normal really and other than a few headaches I still do. We dtd literally on the O day (valentines and all) but that's it. (We've just bought a house, so things are a bit hectic the last couple of months)

On around 5dpo for around 2 days I had really annoying thrush which I haven't had in years and found that a bit odd. Then at 7dpo I started getting pink creamy cm and assumed af was en route. (I usually get a couple of days of pink beforehand)

10dpo just a touch of pink during the day. Then went to the loo before bed and when I wiped it was red, slightly watery but red. Decided I was out popped a pad in went to bed. Woke up to no blood. Took a test (internet cheapie), bfn. Spent the day in a mood.

11dpo - yesterday - not a great deal going on but some twingy feelings different to af. Still having those now and again. One point I thought I was going to come on but was just brown cm I assume remnants of the night before.

Today, 12dpo, woke up to no blood, thought it. Took one of my super drug tests. At first looked like nothing which I expected really. Had a couple of minutes googling "why does my body effing hate me". Looked back at test and saw the faintest of faint lines looking back! Tore the thing apart to make sure I wasn't going mental. But it's still there.

I hope this helps someone in a way as with the lack of symptoms and bleeding I truly thought I was yet again out of the game. This is the 2nd bfp I've had, ever, on the one month we just had no time to think about babies and timing it right and only really made time to have a night to ourselves because it was Valentine's Day. I think I'm still slightly in denial until I get a stronger line! But fingers crossed this is finally the right time smile

mrsstickll Fri 26-Feb-16 09:12:54

Congratulations flowers

I also have a lack of symptoms this month, no sore boobs at all and they are usually very painful by now fingers crossed

tacobean Fri 26-Feb-16 09:14:53

Thank you! I have everything crossed for you, despite all my irregularities I tend to know when af is on the way with the soreness every cycle so it was definitely unusual x

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