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Blood Test Results

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bakingqueen25 Thu 25-Feb-16 15:35:53

Hello everyone,

I wonder if anyone might be able to help me understand some blood test results I've had back - I'm waiting for the Consultant follow up, but being typically impatient.

I had Day 20 bloods; and the result has come back at 5.2 nmol/L which I've read is very low. I have regular cycles - ranging in 27 - 30 days.

Does this mean I'm not ovulating?! Or did I test on the wrong day?

If anyone can shed any light, I would be so grateful.

Thank you xx

Lily35 Thu 25-Feb-16 16:46:45

I had mine done in day 20 because I ovulated according to my positive opk on cd 13. I got 51 which was good - anything over 30 means you ovulated.

The times before this I got 12 and 27 because I went in on day 21 without monitoring my opks so got the wrong day.

Do you think you ovulated on cd13? If not then it very well could be that you had the test too early. So don't despair!

I was like you and had 28-34 day cycles and ovulation was different each month which made it hard to pinpoint when I should get my day 21 bloods done. Docs just assume we all have reg 28 day cycles and bloods done on cd 21 show a accurate result - it doesn't work like that.

Next mth I'd use the opks and once you get a positive result assume ovulation is possibly the next day and then go for your bloods 7 days after this day!

If it turns out that it was the correct day then there is lots of things that can help boost ovulation like Clomid which I am taking

Good luck!

Littlemisssugarplum88 Thu 25-Feb-16 21:33:51

Hi there,
How long had you been TTC prior to having the bloods taken?
I recently had my progesterone levels taken; the 1st one came back at 29 and the doctor then wanted to repeat them as she couldn't be 100% sure I'd ovulated as the guidelines say it's 30 and above and then the second time it came back at 6.
I was however reassured that we don't necessarily ovulate every month but she has also referred me to a gynae consultation - I'm just awaiting my appointment to come through!
I hope we all have some good news soon. Xx

bakingqueen25 Fri 26-Feb-16 14:56:23

Thank you both for your replies - it is very kind.

I think I ovulated on Day 17 - based on EWCM, so I'm guessing I got the test timing all wrong blush I think I just assumed it would show something - didn't realise it took a few days. I'm waiting for a letter from consultant, I'm guessing he'll make me so back for more tests?

Does my score mean I hadn't ovulated, or could it show that I did actually ovulate, as I thought, on Day 17?? xx

Lily35 Fri 26-Feb-16 15:09:56

They'll definitely do more tests. Judging from what you say - you should have gone for bloods on cd 25. So hopefully next cycle you can judge it more accurately.

At the moment it's saying you didn't ovulate, but if you got the timing wrong then you may just have missed it. Hopefully they will do another and also send you for a HSG. Push for another blood test though - !!

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