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When to start ttc number 2?

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Kraggle Thu 25-Feb-16 14:23:49

I have a nexplanon implant which is due to run out in May this year. Dh and I have been discussing taking it out sooner but I'm worried if I get pregnant straight away like I did last time that the baby would be born December/January time. This is a rubbish time for a birthday isn't it? Would you wait a couple more months?

DrMum83 Thu 25-Feb-16 19:22:34

My DD was born in Jan... As was I. It's not the best time of year and I always wanted September babies but now think life is unpredictable and delaying ttc for this reason may be short sighted, if it takes 12 months, you'll wish you'd started sooner. I wouldn't wait. Best of luck!

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