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21 days post ovulation negative test but all pregnancy signs doctors have suggest hormone imbalance or polosystic ovaries ?

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Yasminmumof1 Thu 25-Feb-16 13:46:53

Hiya I am new too this but wanted some advise, my periods have been every 6 weeks the past year. They seem too have changed since decemeber and have been every 28 days we have been trying too conceive and tried a ovulation test which came back I was ovulation when I should be its now 21 days past ovulation and my period is a week late. I have had all the symptoms of pregnancy for around 5 days but test has came back negative twice?
I made a doctors appt yest and he has sent me for blood tests too check pregnancy my hormaone balance and also a scan too check for polosystic ovaries I am absolutely petrified now has anyone had this before any advice would be helpful ? Thank you smile

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