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Possible pregnancy?

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Stroopwafels Thu 25-Feb-16 08:41:50

Will try to do a brief overview:

End of Nov just before AF due, I had really sensitive boobs. Usually I get the heavy/full feeling but this time it was painful to touch, very obvious veins, and nipples stayed erect for several days. I did come on, but quite lightly, pink discharge, some brown towards the end, didn't last a full week.

Since then I've had irregular bleeding, one at the end of Dec, and one at the start of Jan, none for Feb yet. I'm not actively trying to get pregnant so didn't really pay much attention to the new boob feelings. Once I bled I assumed I was not pg and forgot about it.

Recently though, more symptoms have showed and made me wonder again:

- Persitant mild headache that comes and goes
- Aching lower back when I walk, and legs feel heavy
- Get a bit breathless just walking upstairs
- Really toxic farts, especially at night. So much that my partner has had to barricade himself with the duvet! blush
- Horrible nightmares

No nausea but hungry all the time and have put on a little weight but assumed it's Christmas tummy.

I've ordered a test and will do it when it arrives. But not sure the best time. Perhaps after Feb's AF due time? Not sure if I will bleed again or how much. Not planning a pregnancy so would be a huge surprise. I'm just embarrassed I've put off the test this long.

Other info: I came off the implant in 2013 and it took a while for hormones to settle down but after a year, periods were fairly regular again. Partner and I have been using condoms but not other contraception.

Anyone had similar symptoms then find out they're not pregnant? If I get a negative I'll go to doc anyway in case it's a hormone imbalance or something. If it's positive I'll have to have a chat with DP!

Stroopwafels Mon 29-Feb-16 11:03:14

OK took a test. Can anyone help me interpret this please? Never b dome one before. It wasn't my first wee of the morning, and not sure exactly what I'm looking for! Excuse any cat hairs on my pillow!

CatsCantFlyFast Mon 29-Feb-16 11:07:25

I don't know the brand of test so not sure if a positive is two parallel lines or a cross? Does it say on the instructions?

Has the test dried now? As it looks as if the dye is still travelling across the test in this pic

Stroopwafels Mon 29-Feb-16 11:13:08

I'm not sure what brand, they were from eBay. confused

2 min after testing it was negative, this photo was from about 10 mins after. It looks about the same now. Maybe I didn't wee enough or need to do the first morning one. A positive on this is supposed to be 2 parralel lines. It doesn't help that the pink colour is in the background. Argh.

CatsCantFlyFast Mon 29-Feb-16 11:14:57

It's not really clear enough to tell the result. Can you go to superdrug and get a test there - probably more reliable? If you're a few months along as you suspect then first morning wee won't make a difference

Stroopwafels Mon 29-Feb-16 11:18:53

Yes I'll definitely do a more reliable one. It's not clear to me at all. I'll probably go to the doctors anyway because if it turns out I'm not pregnant, I may have some other hormone imbalance or thyroid problem.

Stroopwafels Tue 22-Mar-16 19:31:03

Just thought I'd do a quick update as I feel this is an odd situation. After the ambiguous test I posted, I took 2 more the following day, both negative, and almost as if on a timer that afternoon, I had once again a light period-like bleed. Lasting only 4 days, very scant blood.

I still had fatigue and other PMS/preg symptoms after that ended, so decided to properly track my cycle. Conveniently, the first day of the period was 1st March. On cd12, DP and I had sex with a condom and there was a little bloody mucus afterwards (possible ovulation bleed?). It's now cd22 and I've still got PMS like symptoms which never truly went away. If regular, AF would be due around 28th, but in the past when I've been regular, I've only had cramps the day before it starts and then relief.

Now on cd22 I have cramps, bad wind, tender nipples, slightly swollen montgomery glands, veiny boobs, fatigue, and creamy cm.

I've still got 2 tests from the batch I bought, but not sure I want to use them so soon this time. My body is really confusing me at the moment. Is it possible to have 2 neg tests and light bleed around time AF due, and still be pregnant? If I'm not, there's definitely something else going on. I never went to the docs in the end because I got this light period so assumed I wasn't pg. If I test again it will be after AF due.

Maybe subconsciously I want to be pregnant even though not trying. Could be cryptic or phantom? Until I get a proper period I'll drive myself mad wondering! It's just so frustrating that PMS and preg symptoms are very similar. Sorry for rambling!

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