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2xBFP and then my period comes

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whatadrain Wed 24-Feb-16 16:26:07

Two faint BFP on Clear Blue and my period has started bang on time. Don't know why I'm posting, just had to tell someone. sad

Unicorncatsack Wed 24-Feb-16 16:27:29

Sorry OP, sounds like a chemical. They're really common, not that that's much consolation flowers

Is it definitely your period?

Pootles2010 Wed 24-Feb-16 16:28:10

Oh I'm sorry lovey. That must be hard - is there someone you can talk to in real life? flowers

whatadrain Wed 24-Feb-16 16:46:47

Not really, no DP around. Feel very crampy but higher up in my belly button, if that makes sense? I had a placental abruption in my last pregnancy so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

whatadrain Wed 24-Feb-16 16:52:30

And still testing + confusedsad

Imnotaslimjim Wed 24-Feb-16 17:11:22

Sorry for the personal questions but is your loss normal? It could well be implantation bleeding, which can range from a little spotting to almost as much as a normal period. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is wait

haveacupoftea Wed 24-Feb-16 19:39:37

Be aware of possible ectopic also

Loki17 Wed 24-Feb-16 19:46:38

Are clear blues blue dye tests? Apparently they are notorious for giving false positives. Frer are the most reliable in my experience. I hope you get an answer son and that it is implantation.

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