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Who saw the doc for a pre-conception appointment?

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jodiebee664 Wed 24-Feb-16 11:09:52

Hiya, fairly new to this site so forgive me for mistakes with the lingo!
I started TTC#1 in April/May last year after being on the pill for 10 years. I conceived early June but sadly had an MC in August. It took a while for my body to calm down afterwards...bled for 3 weeks...stopped...bled for another 9 weeks. After more scans and tests to say all okay and then antibiotics, I returned to normal and periods started in Dec. I've been TTC since then. This week I had terrible stomach pain and have been to the docs with suspected appendicitis to be told after a scan it was a ruptured cyst post round ovulation - that is quite normal and not harmful apparently...but creates fluid and cause the pain. I have a follow up gynae appointment next week to be sure.

Based on all of this and the many urine tests, blood tests, scans etc - do I need to see a doc for a pre conception appointment?

ps I'm 37 so obviously anxious time is against me.

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