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CB Digital Ovulation Tests - Help!

(2 Posts)
sharon2016 Wed 24-Feb-16 09:28:38

Hi, just about to my second cycle of TTC. Last month we used the digital tests, and we DTD every few days leading up to the smiley face, then once on the day of the smiley face.

Should we DTD the days after the smiley face too to be sure?? Does it help more if we DTD every day on the flashy smiley too??

Was so disappointed we didn't conceive last month, but I guess its only my second month so trying not to be too disappointed... Any advice would be lovely smile

Thanks smile

Zoefitness Wed 24-Feb-16 15:17:38

Hi Sharon, I also use these to confirm my ovulation date. I am no expert but I think that you are supposed to dtd before the smiley face. I would also dtd after a smiley face (just in case). However, I think dtd on or after a smiley face might be a bit late. Your supposed to have the swimmers there waiting to pounce on the egg.

Try not to get stressed about it. I don't mean to freak you out but we have been dtd on & around smiley faces for 6 months now and still no luck. Just keep having lot's of sex on your fertile week. Good luck smile

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