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Keeks220 Wed 24-Feb-16 08:51:15

Hi, just hoping someone can offer some advice.
I'm fairly sure I ovulated on CD16 as I had a few cramps followed by spotting on the expected day. I would have then expected to see a rise in my Temperature but so far there's been nothing. I'm now on CD22, my cycle is generally 28 days long, can't help thinking this is me out this month right from the start. I haven't even had those few days of am I / aren't I.
I'm just wondering if my thermometer is actually broke?! I take my temp as soon as I wake up and get 36.0. Then just out of interest I take it later on in the bathroom and can get a reading in the 35's/ 34's. This can't be working right is it? Is it a dud thermometer, I only paid a few £ for it off amazon. Or is there something else for me too worry about now confused
Greatful for any advice!

Honeybeez1986 Wed 24-Feb-16 20:24:04

Hi keeks220 I've read you don't always get a strong obvious temp shift always.. Your temp should be on the higher side after ovulation of that makes sense for more then 3 consecutive days. You should take ur temp when in bed stright away, you will get a different temp when up and about so it's not your themomoter 😀 Always use the two taken in bed first thing. Good luck

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