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Anyone else at the 1 year point starting initial tests?

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mrsstickll Wed 24-Feb-16 07:31:26

Ttc#1 for just over a year now, had first app will go and got first blood test tomorrow, anyone else in similar situation for hand holding and general annoyance at constantly being baby bombed by people who have accidentally got pregnant grin

Zoefitness Wed 24-Feb-16 15:23:40

Hi Mrsstickll - I am having tests done too. My partner and I have been dtd unprotected for 2yrs now and actively trying for 7 months and nothing.

I have had my bloods done and an ultrasound, all of which came back fine. However, the lady doing my test did say that if I had cysyts or anything like endo, she would not be able to see anything. So, I think I need to have a laparoscopy. We'll see tho, just waiting for DP's results to come through now. :s.

Wishing you lot's and lot's of luck x

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