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Talk to me about supplements, Clomid, anything really

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Luxnuova Mon 22-Feb-16 20:36:22

We've been trying to conceive DC2 for almost a year now. Am 36, nearly 37, and have had two miscarriages, first a chemical, then a missed miscarriage. Both times we got pregnant first time and was quite unexpected. We waited a few months after the MMC (I was 11 weeks along and had a D&C), partly as I just wasn't ready emotionally. We went to a private fertility clinic in Dec and had blood tests for both of us. DH's count and motility fine, my hormone levels okay and seem to be ovulating fine. They recommended we just keep trying naturally, and come back in May if no luck.

We've been trying since, and no luck. Just tested today and BFN and feeling pretty miserable about it all. I guess I'm just looking for advice. I know I need to start temping again, so I can at least pinpoint my O more accurately, and make sure my luteal phase is okay length, etc. We have quite a bit of stress going on in our lives, so is not always easy to DTD every other day, but we had a fair go of it this month and thought we had a good chance.

I read 'It All Begins with the Egg' or whatever it's called, and was taking Coq10 and Myo-Inositol after my last MC, but the doctor at the fertility clinic was very scathing about supplements and basically said there's no real medical evidence to suggest these work. Although I know others on fertility friend, etc swear by these supplements. Has anyone had medical opinion that they trust that differs from my Dr?

Sorry, not quite sure what I'm asking here, but just I kind of feel I should be doing more. Any advice? This month will start temping at least. Is there anyone here trying naturally who has been prescribed Clomid? I don't know anything about it, but am beginning to wonder if this might help us.

Sorry for the long rambling post. I'm such a novice on the whole TTC thing, in spite of our experiences, and this is more of a vent than anything. Just sitting here feeling so miserable and no one really to talk to about it all. My sister-in-law, who got pregnant after me last time is just about to go into labour, which makes it feel somehow harder.

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