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had anyone got pregnant after losing weight? ttc for over a year

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Missushb Sun 21-Feb-16 22:36:10

Have been trying to conceive dc2 since around May 2014. For the latter part of last year we weren't really trying- family bereavements and a very stressful period, just wasn't in the mood for sex so no surprise I didn't get pregnant then. However, apart from those few months we have been trying since May 2014. I've put on weight since then (comfort eater, stressed about not getting pregnant, very worried about my ill father who sadly has since passed away) I've joined weight watchers now, have lost a few pounds. Of course got my hopes up this month, which I think delayed the start of my period, those few months I wasn't caring about trying my cycles were actually shorter in length, 31-33 days, this month was 35. I've had 38 days and one 42 over the ttc months. So, has anyone out there lost a couple of stone and found it kick started anything and conceived? Thanks X

mustthinkofabetterusername Sun 21-Feb-16 22:57:26

Yes. When discussing it with my GP, I was told being overweight messes with your hormones way more than being underweight. Had been ttc dc1 for a while, after losing one stone I conceived straight away.

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